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    From time to time I review things on Amazon. Understand that I am new at this and am low-budget and say a lot of uhhh.. duhhh.. and have spaces in what in I say, which is all off the cuff.

    Anyhoo, I would like to share infos on the better products that may be great deals on Amazon. The stuff I review comes from China. Some of it's really good, some of it's really bad. I'll put some of the good stuff up here. If you like to read this stuff, I'll put more up. If not, that's okay. I'll go away. :)

    The first thing one of my latest reviews. It's a Kiiben Percussion Massager. I'll put the video up as well the written review.

    Game Changer
    The reason I went to the trouble of doing an unboxing and a video review is because I’m very excited about this product. The massager has been a game changer for us. You see, my wife is an athlete and gets sore muscles regularly. This is a gentle yet deep tissue massage or that really does the trick and makes her feel better. I have truly appreciate it for myself as well. It’s highly therapeutic and for people who Are you serious about getting a therapeutic massage without spending hundreds upon hundreds of dollars regularly.

    This is truly a game changer. This will be your last stop for buying a massager. I tried those collar massages and they’re only partially successful but this gets deep and it’s highly maneuverable obviously because it’s a gun. It’s a solid piece of craftsmanship. You need not worry about quality. This will last. The old adage that you get what you pay for is true. This may cost a couple dollars more but it is well worth it. I highly recommend it.

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  2. ocnbrze

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    it looks really cool, but i get really tight in my lower back and shoulders. i do not think it will be easy enough for me to get to where i need it most. plus it looks kind of heavy. the best for me (though really expensive) are the massage chairs. i can understand how it would benefit sore legs or arms though.
  3. Steven58

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    Actually, it’s quite light and the low speed is good for sensitive areas. You definitely could use a partner for this device. Understood.
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  4. Steven58

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    Again, my wife is an athlete. She went to bed with her back locked up tight. I used the spongy attachment on her sore muscles, and it helped. The hard attachment was too painful with her back so locked. I like this a lot. It's one of the best devices I reviewed.
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  5. Steven58

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    My wife used this on me yesterday and boy was it amazing but I agree with @ocnbrze .. it is not a good solo device. As I was looking at reviews, I noticed that PT professionals used it on their patients to save their own arms and backs. If you do have a helper, however, it really helps greatly. I recommend it highly. It's worth it.
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