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I am running a stock N1 and Galaxy Tab and have just discovered Launcher Pro. The description in the Market is a little sparse so I would really appreciate some help with a few questions before I install it.

First, will it 'damage' the OS on the phone? Meaning if I choose to remove it will it come out cleanly without me needing to rebuild my devices.

Second, what will it really let me customize?

Finally, is this the best option for changing your home screen?



I have used Launcher pro since I got my android phone and I have not regret it.

1- It is an app so if you don't like it, you can remove it like any other app and it will get you back to the default launcher. (Although you won't need that i can assure you)

2- The pro version has some widgets. The free version has a dock that you can slide (You can slide only the dock), You can hide apps from the app drawer (Myspace... :p). The settings are really vast. You need to try it to see by yourself. There's a 3d effect that you can add when sliding from screen to screen, etc..

3- I've tried all the options and it is by far, for me, the best one. Although, some people like the others, Launcher pro is easy of use and really complete with the customization. I also have a low end phone and doesn't slow it at all. It is very responsive. I found that the other launchers had a lag. I don't know if it's due to the capacity of my phone or it's just crap.

Enjoy Launcher pro!

Mostly Harmless

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It's an app so you can uninstall it if you need, it won't damage anything. I can tell you that you will most likely not be uninstalling it. I have been using Launcher Pro for a while and have been along for the ride as the app grew and it's only gotten better. There are a lot of different setting with the program and you really have to jump right into and play around with it to see what works for you. I find it to be a big improvement over the standard N1 launcher. It allows you to have more home screens (7), it allows you to have up to 14 icons on the icon try, it also allows you to change the way apps are shown in the app draw (for example I use 5 apps across instead of the stock 4).

I purchased to pro version to support the developer and also to use the widgets (which I find very useful).

Download it and give it a shot! You can also download home switcher and that will allow you to go back and forth between Launcher pro and the stock launcher with little effort. If you have any questions just post them!


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There are plenty of other launchers out there too besides just Launcher Pro. Most people will agree that the add on launcher programs tend to be much better than the stock launcher that comes with the phone.

I have bought the paid version of Launcher Pro, but honestly I do not use it currently. It was a little buggy on my phone (DroidX) so I switched to another free launcher (Go Launcher EX).

The moral of the story is definitely try out a few launcher programs and see which one works best for you!