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LauncherPro Beta: Pretty much a better Ecliar

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Omaroid, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Omaroid

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    The Goods
    Well i've had Luancher Pro Beta since before the update so lets start by saying this give the stock Android users a chance to have the HTC Sense UI Leap Feature. It brings the Htc Sense UI users the nexus one helix luancher and "fly in" effect which runs pretty smoothly sometimes. Now available is the option to change the icons next to the luancher to any custom app or shortcut you would like which adds to the already super custom-ability of Android. You can also choose from having up to 7 homescreens and choose which one of those seven will be what i like to call "your true home'(the home your phone goes to when you press the home button).

    The Bads
    Well not alot to put in this section but im a tough critic so let just say depending on what phone you have the helix luancher can be very, (cough) laggy. By the phone you have i mean say me with my Sprint Hero i have half the processing speeds of the Nexus one or Evo take your pick. Also the leap feature is more of a knock off then the real leap on HTC Sense UI. Anyways thats all i've found wrong with this app

    Lets just say the pro's overweigh the cons on this one by a long shot if you're a little tired of running Sense UI or whatever version of Android your running then please give this a download it'll only cost you uhmm nothing. So i'll give this app a 8/10 on the Omaroid Scale


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