Root LG Connect udpate


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LG has release info to our corp offices.

LG will have very soon an over the air update for what is causing the overheatting issues on some select handsets.

So please stand by, and yes, it will be an OTA update.




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and most certainly block root :p

so whats taking someone so long to get a stock rom going? you could then make a pre-rooted version of that ota and have a pre-rooted update without losing root ;P


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I am having pretty good battery life now that I have the bloat frozen, am keeping 4G at my control, and using 2X Battery. If the keyboard drain problem is solved and root is still available, then I might welcome it. I have the OTA frozen as well, so I will wait to see how the update goes before I jump in.


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ZV9 is the most current sw version. LG has not released the new update yet.

Battery life is up to the user and how he/she uses their device.

I can get up to 16hrs off one charge. Some days (heavier usage) 9hrs.

Also. Don't use task manager or app killers or memory cleaners etc. If your OS is 2.2 and up. The OS manages the memory its self. And the android OS is designed to use and want to use all the ram. So killing apps and process will drain your battery fast.

Making sure all your radios off if you're not using them. GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. Also turning off all auto-syncs and push notifications. Set to off or manual and that alone will save you a ton of juice.