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LG Enlighten a downgrade rather than successor?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by db2u, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. db2u

    db2u Well-Known Member
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    From what I have seen about the Enlighten, it seems this phone fits in a lower end slot than the Ally did/does. Lower resolution screen, no led flash, no upgrade in camera resolution. All I can find about the CPU is that it is 800mhz. I know this isnt released yet, but is this in the same family as the Ally CPU just a slightly higher clock speed?

    I have seen articles saying the Enlighten is sort of an Ally 2 in effect, but it looks to me LG moved it a notch downmarket.

    Other than the fact that it will have Gingerbread stock, I see no reason for anyone with an Ally to want this phone, especially if Project Gretel is still alive.

    Is anyone interested in this phone at all? I just dont see the sense in getting a 2 year contract for this free phone vs paying $100 or less for a used Ally and having no contract requirements. LONG LIVE ALLY!!!

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