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LG Revolution vs Charge vs Incredible 2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by GunnerJim, May 28, 2011.

  1. GunnerJim

    GunnerJim Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Lets me just say, I had all three phones in the last month, trying to upgrade from the old Faithful HTC Droid Incredible 1.
    New Current Phone - LG Revolution.
    Other smart phones I have owned or currently own-
    Palm Centro, BB Storm 1, HTC Dinc1, Iphone 3G(My unlocked GSM world phone), BB Tour, LG Revo

    Quick Comparative/Musings

    Droid Incredible 2
    World Phone (GSM/CDMA)
    More RAM than Inc1 (768M)
    Bigger Screen (But more washed out than AMOLED in Inc1)
    Super Quadrant Scores (1800-1900)
    Front Facing Camera

    Worse Battery Life than Inc1
    Locked Bootloader
    Screen washed out look

    Take Away: Returned phone to VZW, not much of an improvement over the Old Inc1, the increased RAM was nice, but for the money all I was getting was a world phone. Decided to jump into 4G world...

    Samsung Droid Charge
    Screen Super AMOLED Plus is beautiful
    Battery Life Incredible for a 4G phone- 1-1/2 to 2 days/3G, 1 to 1-1/2 4G.
    With usage, games, phone, text, surfing, moderate streaming
    4G Speeds using Speakeasy on multiple servers-
    Seattle 28M Down/18M Up
    San Diego 15M Down/8 Up
    4G Hotspot worked better than advertised, getting close to same throughput as the phone itself.
    4G/CDMA switch was nice feature, did not have to reboot phone too often.
    Very light phone, even with case.
    Great Bluetooth 3.0
    Decent Speakerphone
    Different design form factor, grows on you, even the non-capacitive buttons work well.
    Best front facing camera of the 4G lot
    Best Rear Camera for distance and outdoors
    Screen Shot function nice.

    Glitchy Touch Wiz 3.0, replaced with Launcher Pro, fixed some lag, but still not as snappy as HTC Inc2 or LG Revo
    Camera not great on close ups
    No LED notification
    4G in San Diego... The phone would lock up when going in doors, had to trick it by turning data on and off to get it to re-sync.
    328M of RAM and RFS file system cripples what could be a great device, they advertise 512M RAM/512M ROM, but you would need to root, format with Voodoo and make into an EXT4 File system to get better Quadrant benchmarks. I averaged 900-950 on Quadrant.
    Phone speaker was very crackly on higher volume (May have been the first Charge I took home)
    Base color scheme Brown/Orange, not very aesthetic for a high end phone
    Cost $300 a little steep for market and 2 yr contract.

    Take Away: I really liked this phone, battery life was amazing for the fact that this was 4G and a large AMOLED screen. I wish it had the larger memory, EXT file system out of the box, I almost rooted the phone and stuck with it, I thought the lagging issue was almost bearable. For $300 I was not willing to risk bricking the phone so I returned it for the LG Revo.

    LG Revolution
    Very Snappy phone, transitions are quick
    Great Benchmarks (1900-2100 Average on Quadrant), I compared all three 4G LTE phones side by side in VZW, the LG blew away the HTC TB
    Touch Display is very responsive, reminds me of Iphone, I think LG makes the TFT display for them as well.
    Replaced Optimus UI with Launcher Pro, preference more than anything
    512 RAM, no lag
    3g so far is really fast
    Have not gone over to Seattle to try the 4G yet.
    Battery life not as good as Charge, but better than HTC TB. I get 1 to 1-1/2 day on 3G in Western Washington.
    Open Bootloader is nice, considering the root to remove Bing and Bloatware.
    Camera is good indoors and out, front facing camera, really sharp.
    LED notification is present, even though you see nothing online or in manual for it.
    VoLTE, this is the only phone with simultaneous Voice and data capability on 4G network. Don't really know if this would be a show stopper, but it is worth mentioning.
    Square Form Factor, easy to get back off of phone
    Supports Wireless Charging (Buy $30 back, $70 Charger)
    Fast reboot time
    Netflix works great!!!!
    Video Playback works great
    Speaker is clearer than Charge, not as loud.

    4G/CDMA toggle requires reboot
    Battery life better than TB, not as good as Charge. Closer to TB battery life.
    TONS of BLOATWARE!!! Bing is imbedded in Browser along with VZW crap, but I use SkyFire and Dolphin, so it is a non-issue. Same with Google maps, Google Voice, etc... Just dumpster Bing off your homescreens or root the phone, freeze the VZW Bloatware/Bing Bloatware/etc.
    Take Away: I like LG, they have been putting out good products since they left the old GoldStar monicker behind years ago. I had great success with LG dumbphones in past, figured to give this phone a try. The phone does not lag on most applications, the lag worth mentioning is when adding applications to the home screen. I will stutter an extra 5 seconds... It could be the fact I am using Launcher Pro.
    Constant muting on speakerphone, acts like dropped calls, but stayed connected

    I am probably going to stick with this phone if 4G works as advertised. Charge runs a close second, I wish they had Gingerbread out of the box... If Charge had Ext4 and more RAM, then it would win hands down. The file system piece is fixable but I do not believe we can re-partition the RAM... Maybe a developer can weigh in here and set me straight.

    If I had not given my Droid Incredible to my son, then I may have waited to see if the Samsung Galaxy S II came to VZW with the same specs and 4G LTE radio. Somehow I believe it may not happen because of the size of the 4G radio fitting in the GSII Form Factor. Things to consider, VZW unlimited data is coming to an end soon, that is why I jumped to the 4G phone to get grandfathered for at least two years.

    I returned the LG Revolution and went back to the Samsung Droid Charge. The 4G network was not as fast on the Revo compared to the Charge. The battery dropped from 95% to 35% in 4 hours of light to moderate usage as compared to Charge in a more strenuous usage over 5 Hours, it dropped from 48% to 18%, so I believe the DC is twice the battery life expectancy.
    Also, it appears the XDA developers have started cracking this baby, voodoo, ODIN, Heimdall, and ROM goodness is underway. I did not install the ED2 update on my second DC, put on Beautiful Widget, Launcher Pro, Skyfire, and the lag stutter is gone, just stock. There is also a rumor that Gingerbread is a week away for the Droid Charge because it is "Droid" Branded. I was poking the VZW crowd, they would not deny that rumor.

    The things that won me over to Droid Charge:
    1. Beautiful Super AMOLED Plus screen, easy to see outdoors for photos
    2. Great pictures, indoors and out, not so much on real close-ups
    3. BATTERY LIFE, twice as good as the HTC TB and LG Revo, IMO
    4. Better 3G/4G browsing speeds, quicker page loads, IMO
    5. The light feel of this phone and the reports of what the extended battery feels like, intrigues me. According to what I read, the batter and extended cover ad some weight and makes it closer to what a stock TB or LG Revo feels like... See where I am going with that... All the marbles, same weight as stock phone.
    6. Dev Support! The work going on over at the XDA forum is well worth looking at.

    Don't get me wrong, I really liked the LG Revo, experienced buyers remorse, went back to the Droid Charge. For my life style, battery life, great screen, light phone, and dev support are very important. The LG Revo 4G speeds and 4G hot spot drops were too much for me, marked with sub-par battery life and muting problem were the deal killer, IMO. It may have been that LG Revo phone, as I see a whole lot of happy Revo users.

    Ask me questions, I will try to answer them as best I can.
    I also posted the same forum thread on Droidforums.net,

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  2. jinwons

    jinwons Android Expert

    Thanks for very nice and thorough comparison review.
    One thing you didn't mention on Revolution is display. How would you rate it relative to others? One of my fellow on DX2 forum claims that DX2 has better contrast, outdoor visibility than Charge, Tbolt. So I wonder how Revo would stack up on those aspects of display.
  3. GunnerJim

    GunnerJim Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I looked at the contrast of DX2/Revo/Charge, I would say the contrast was a little better on DX2 compared to Revo, the black could be deeper on Revo. IMO, Overall the responsiveness and brightness was better on Revo. If you are outdoors all the time and display is what you need to survive, the Charge is your phone, the Super AMOLED Plus works best outside compared to the others. If you want snappy responsive and can deal with the black not being as deep as the Charge, go with Revo. Like I said, if the root/voodoo could expanded the RAM from 328MB to 512MB, I would have kept the Charge. The Revo does not do data/voice over 3G, I tried that today with setting on CDMA-Automatic. The battery at 6PM is at 50%, so from Midnight to 8 AM, it maintained 100%, and has dropped to 50% over 10 hours of moderate 3G usage. I will say this... On 3G, I am getting full bars out where I live, never got that from any other phone. So that fact helps battery life too. Will answer questions and post any new revelations.
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  4. Joe C

    Joe C Lurker

    Thanks for the great post on your view of the two phones. I am really struggling to figure out which is best for me. I really like some of the features on both. I like that the Revo has netflix and also seems strange, but I like the fact that it has the LED indicator, although I read somewhere that you can download an app for the charge that will turn the screen into an LED indicator. I like the better camera on the charge, but based on your review it sounds like the camera on the revo isn't too bad. I also like the screen on the charge. The other thing I'm struggling with is that the charge seems more mainstream, which usually means better accessories. I do like LG. I have had two LG phones which were solid. Based on what I wrote above, do you have any recommendations? As far as price goes, I can see they are very similar in price if you get them online.

    Thanks again for your great posts.
  5. GunnerJim

    GunnerJim Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I said in a couple of other posts, I believe stat for stat comparison the LG out of the box offers more than Charge and HTC TB. I have owned the Charge for two weeks, LG Revo 2 days, and played with the HTC TB a lot in making this opinion.

    Screen Displays are debatable (IMO-Charge is Best)
    Screen Responsiveness (IMO- LG Revo)
    UI Overlay (IMO- HTC TB)
    Expandability (IMO- LG Revo- Revo tops out at 48GB)
    Quadrant (LG Revo, unrooted smoked both of them)
    File System (Tie TB/Revo)
    Unlocked Bootloader (IMO LG is more friendly, HTC changing stance)
    Battery Life (Charge, Revo close second)
    Advanced Feature/Future proofing (IMO LG Revo due to VoLTE)
    RAM (TB has 768MB)
    4G Speeds (Tie across the board)
    3G Speeds (IMO LG Revo)
    3G Simultaneous Data/Voice (TB Wins-Others cannot do this)
    Less Connectivity Problems (LG Revo, so far)
    Weight (Charge/Revo tie, the Charge is lighter, but bulkier)

    Added notes for you from some of my other posts:
    LG Revo Update:
    Just used the 5MP Rear Camera, took photos of two checks depositing into my bank account, front and back of check using my Android Bank App.
    HTC Droid Incredible 1: Usually took 5 attempts
    HTC Droid Incredible 2: Usually took 3-4 attempts
    Samsung Droid Charge: Took 8 attempts, and multiple rejects
    LG Revo: 1st attempt on 2 separate checks... Very Happy
    The Revolution auto focused and stabilized within 1 second of pressing on-screen button. I am digging the results and time saved.

    These are opinions of course.
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  6. madmansj

    madmansj Lurker

    Hi! Thank you for all the information Gunnerjim. I have been scouring the web for some more information on the Revolution and I couldn't find any of the information I really wanted.

    So I am going to be making the switch back to Verizon after a brief stint with Sprint that lasted a year to try and save some money on my family plan. Promises of new towers and better reception have been lies and I am still stuck with 0-1 bars of reception and horrendous data speeds at my house and place of work.

    I am boggling over my decision. I went from the HTC EVO to the Samsung Epic 4g on Sprint due to some issues with our HTC out of the box and wanted a physical keyboard, but I ended up regretting that decision. I found that the HTC phone had a much nicer interface, form factor, I missed the bigger screen, and the internet browsing speeds were much better over 3g and over my home wifi (something that is pretty important to me). The Samsung has a much better camera (despite being a 5mp vs the EVO's 8mp) and after initially thinking the amoled looked grainy in comparison to the EVO, after going back to looking at the Evo it looked washed out and fuzzy.

    When I have played with the phones in the Verizon store (have not had a hands-on with a live demo of the LG yet), the HTC Tbolt seemed to load web pages much faster on 3g than the Sammy. I also think the HTC has the most attractive design of the three phones and just feels nice in the hands.

    Battery life, camera quality, voice quality, and the "not as fresh and new as the other two" kind of kill my desire for the TB. That leaves the Revo and the Charge.

    I am leaning towards the Charge because of the camera quality, screen, lowest weight, and best battery life. LED notification seems like a minor annoyance but not a deal breaker. My big concern is that it has the worst benchmarks of the three phones, and with my experience of Sammy vs HTC on Sprint, the HTC has better GPS/Phone Reception/ and Data connectivity than the Sammy.

    I have pieced bits of reviews together from all over the web, but can anyone comment on the Droid Charge and it's reception/signal strength? I have gotten some mixed reviews.. some people say it is fine, some say worse, and even a few said better than the Thunderbolt. Does the low RAM also affect loading web pages? Have the problems with loading Flash-intensive web-pages been cured or will be cured with a future update?

    I was with Verizon for about 10 years before crossing over to Sprint for my first smartphone, and always owned and loved LG dumbphones before that. I tried Samsung dumbphones and motorola dumphones and never liked them. LG kind of has the x-factor in that fuzzy spot in my heart.

    What concerns me with the LG Phone is the camera quality, poor video quality I have seen from videos on youtube, and increased weight over the Charge. I tend to use my camera a lot. I also like the way the buttons for power/volume etc all feel on the Sammy over the other phone manufacturers. I do like the form factor better than the Charge due to the shape of the backside of the phone when held in the hands, but it also seems a bit boring at the same time. The increased phone performance is also a big draw for gaming and web browsing over the Charge, as is the better signal reception if this is true. Also, Gunnerjim, you list in your review that the phone has 768 MB of Ram, but everywhere else I have been reading says it has 512 MB. I guess it doesn't really matter if the LG is still blowing out the other two with the benchmark scores.
  7. stetsonaw

    stetsonaw Well-Known Member

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  8. stetsonaw

    stetsonaw Well-Known Member

    Give me a good site Flash-intensive site to test, it will only be over 3G, at work. But standard web browsing is really fast, granted, i never use stock browsers, i use DolphinHD.

    The increased weight over the Charge lets me know I have a solid device. the Charge is so light-weight, it almost feels like a toy. I do like where Sammy put the power button, wish LG did that, but there's an HDMI port there, so i'm good! And, you can buy the inductive charging back cover for the Revo, which is why they couldn't go too crazy with the design.

    Gaming - I played a bit of Lets Golf 2 yesterday, had no lag. And you are correct, the phone only has 512mb of RAM, but manages it VERY well.
  9. GunnerJim

    GunnerJim Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I made a mistake on the LG Revo RAM, it is 512MB. The VZW sales rep pulled up their spec guide on the fancy portable tablet and quoted that to me, I accepted that as truth, right after I showed them the three phones benchmarks. I have another thread at Droidforums and a kind member corrected me based on a conversation with LG. The correct number is 512MB, I should have double checked it before posting. I corrected most places.

    I will say this about the Droid Charge, it is a hard call on what i better, I love the Super AMOLED Plus screen (Sips Battery Slowly, Nice!) the form factor can grow on you, looks like a Dodge Charger (Saw that in a Review), the buttons are responsive, but the lag was noticeable. I liked the light feel, battery life rocked. The RAM stayed maxed out all the time with minimal apps running. I started dumping apps to help it from lagging. The camera and screen are great, with the exception of close up focus.

    I am getting better 3G reception with the LG Revo over the Charge, have not gotten over to Seattle to test out the 4G sweetness. I mentioned in some post that the week I spent in San Diego, the Charge had issues when switching from 4G to 3G signal strength when going into my hotel in Gaslamp District, downtown SD. I would have to stop and start Mobile Data (Easy because it was in the notification bar) and I had to re-start phone a few times. I like the LTE/CDMA switch in the settings menu, it was nice when I am at home in a 3G area. If the RFS file system was EXT, the benchmarks would be on par with TB and Revo, I saw post by people who did Root/Voodoo File System Format to EXT, in the 1900's. So the Hummingbird processor is not that bad. All in all, I am conflicted, but I think I will stick with the LG Revo, VoLTE may make it future proof, the scores are only going to go up with a root, de-bloat, and custom ROM, IMO.
  10. GunnerJim

    GunnerJim Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I was doing some searching for the VZW data given to me at the store on the LG Revolution, the VZW website says 768MB... For what it is worth...

  11. kalvinl33

    kalvinl33 Newbie

    You should post this in the xda forums where they are comparing this phone to the charge and thunderbolt lol
  12. GunnerJim

    GunnerJim Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I am thoroughly baffled... The Owners Guide says 102MB internal memory, also says internal storage says 1.32GB, I had the VZW guy show me his mobile kiosk of sacred Verizon propriety data before I traded the Charge in for the Revo... The 768MB is what sold me the phone... My Mini Info says 368MB, and the phone is blazing fast... I wonder if this thing has 768MB/512MB/1024MB????

  13. jinwons

    jinwons Android Expert

    Hmm, those number on owners guide don't seem right. It can't be that small, both RAM and internal storage. I think they screwed up on the guide document.
  14. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Android Expert

    Very glad to come across this thread as I'm debating what phones to get next. I have two upgrades at the ready, and want to get on the 4G train pretty quickly for the same reasons that have been stated.

    I've been to my VZW store a bunch and have played extensively with all their Android offerings (not to mention the HTC Trophy and iPhone4). Between my own application, and your review, I think I've come up with the best solution.

    My g/f has a DInc that she can't stand. She's had so many issues with it, it's not even funny. I rooted it to try and make it more likable, but that hasn't stopped certain issues (I should also mention I do have a stock DInc on my plan that has had next to zero issues). She wants a phone that's ready to work out of the box. She doesn't care about specs, she just wants it to work every time. I also bought her a 15mp camera a couple Christmases ago, so camera quality isn't of the upmost importance.

    I also am in the market for a new phone. I got my Droid on day 1 and it's been a love affair to say the least. But it's starting to show it's age. One of the reasons I love my Droid is because it's rooted. This is why I'm not afraid to go the Charge route. But first I want to see the dev community get something rolling there.

    Ultimately, I think I'm going to have to get the girlie the Revolution and I'll probably get the Charge. I have another upgrade coming in July, so if I decide I really need whatever dual core options are available later this summer, I can just pass the Charge on down. Still have two more upgrades next year. lol
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  15. GunnerJim

    GunnerJim Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I just got back from Seattle testing out the 4G LTE capability of the LG Revolution, posted screenshots here:


    and LG Revo 5MP Camera Shots here:


    I am really trying to compare the LG Revo to the Charge I took back last week. The Revo was not getting the same 25MB Down speeds as the Charge, (I know it is unrealistic to expect this all the time, but same area, 1 week later should be about the same throughput), battery life ropped 60% over 4 hours of moderate LTE usage, the Charge would have dropped about 30% in comparative situation.

    My battery post is here:


    The GPS function was really good on LG Revo, I had to install the voice recognition app to work with Google maps, other Android phones I have owned already had this installed, no biggie, thanks BING/Microsoft. The phone was hooked to charger while using GPS, dropped from 100% to 95% within 1 hour drive to ferry... Giving you some idea on distance, about 45 miles- Down to 95%hitting LTE network at Bainbridge Island Ferry Terminal. From here it was straight down... 60% in 4 hours gone, getting into my car to go home, 35% plugging into USB port.

    That is another glitchy thing. USB plugged in when rebooting leaves the Icon in the notification bar until you reboot again without the USB plugged in... Kind of makes you mad. Jury is still out, do not know if future VoLTE is worth the battery drain.

    Pictures also were posted as I said before, they were not bad, but not as good as the Samsung Charge 8MP at a distance. The light environment on the water today really was poor for awesome photos.
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  16. GunnerJim

    GunnerJim Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Updated my original comparison post. I took the LG Revo back to VZW and got the Samsung Droid Charge again. Much better battery life, 4G speeds better, 3G speeds better, 4G hotspot better, 8MP camera better, better outdoor screen, lighter phone, extended battery looks even more promising, and the XDA Devs are all over this phone in ROM goodness. Thanks LG Revo family, we are all Droid People, I liked the LG Revo, but the things that mattered the most to me ruled the day over fast benchmarks that I can tweak at some point. The rumor of Gingerbread on the Droid Charge next week has me holding out on potential modding.
  17. jinwons

    jinwons Android Expert

    I wish you well with your Charge. I think everyone's experience is different though. On the Charge forum, there are many upset reports on Charge like dropping 4G, 3G data connection sporadically, struggling to hold stable 3G, getting only about 8hrs of battery, etc. Just because you had 60% drop in 4hours on a trip, that doesn't mean Revo is battery sucker in general. There are both happy, upset users in both Charge, Revo though I think majority of them are on the happy side.
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  18. GunnerJim

    GunnerJim Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    jinwons, Concur with your assessment, I tried to be fair in my evaluation, I think I presented my experience unbiased. I love LG as a brand, heck half my house is LG. I read the other reviews and confess that it may have been that particular phone I had from VZW. I really think it boils down to features you need, as for my need aboard ships, battery life is pretty important. Being outside in sunlight or in a dark cave like setting, the AMOLED is what works best for me. Maybe I was spoiled by the AMOLED display my Droid Incredible had. Either way, I like LG, had too many positives I liked about the Droid Charge after my 4G evaluation in one of the areas I operate most. I notice the XDA crowd opened a forum for the LG Revo, that is awesome news to a great group of android users!
  19. kramerica

    kramerica Android Enthusiast

    Gunner, sorry to see you go. I thought you did a fair job on your review, but the important part is what works for YOU. Given that you are on a boat half your day and your geographic area, what you need is what you need. All a matter of preference and I wish you the best with your new phone (I still don't even have my Revo yet :) ). The reviews and seeing what is important and works for people that share what I need are the reasons I'm in this section in the 1st place. Anyway, best wishes!
  20. stanaka1

    stanaka1 Lurker

    I just noticed today that my polarized sunglasses screws with the colors on the Rev in portrait but it's fine in landscape. No such issues with the Charge.
  21. lisa4labz

    lisa4labz Newbie

    GunnerJim...did Verizon charge you anything if you bought the Charge, then returned it for the Revo, then returned that for the Charge again? Just wondering if there's a limit on how many times you return, or is it unlimited?
  22. GunnerJim

    GunnerJim Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I had to pay $35 restock on the HTC Incredible 2 and again on the Droid Charge, then I called VZW, talked to a Tier 2 Technician, explained the problems I was having with the LG Revo, they wrote notes in the system to not charge me the $35 restock fee and permitted me to return the LG Revo full refund and I went back to the Droid Charge based on my needs. So the best recourse when dealing with a local VZW store is get Tech Support on the line, explain your issues and they will usually support if they understand what is your concern. Mine was battery life and the call muting out. The store was not going to take the phone back but because the national VZW wrote notes in system, they did to keep a happy customer. I am very happy with my Droid Charge and its battery life and the super 4G download speeds.
  23. angieutc

    angieutc Lurker

    GunnerJim -- your story reads EXACTLY like mine. Except. I went from a Thunderbolt --> LG Revolution -----> Droid Charge. I must say that Verizon has been EXCELLENT in helping me find the right phone.
  24. zeldaboy101

    zeldaboy101 Guest

    Just to add a little more in the Charge's favor, I was playing with them side by side in the Verizon store, which has very good 4G coverage in our area. Running the Speed Test app the Revo typically got around 7-8mpbs whereas the Charge got 8+ with 12mbps happening several times. I ran the test a good 10-15 times and often at the same time on each device. Upload speeds were faster on the Charge as well. The Charge definitely seems to have a faster 4G connection.
  25. Curtita1

    Curtita1 Member

    Just wanted to let you know that I REALLY appreaciated this thread. I had been vascillating between the Inc2 and the Charge and was thrilled to see someone had actually owned them both. This thread made the difference in my choice. My daughter has the REvo, so was glad to see that review in there also. She has had to send hers back already and only had it 3 weeks.

    I took my iPhone 4 back because it just wasn't nearly as good as the iPhone 3Gs I had with ATT. Got the Charge today and am playing with it. Have had to charge it twice already though. I am on my phone constantly.


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