Help link2sd does not see the ext2 partition


Jun 19, 2012
Hi all. I have a brand new T-Mobile F6. The root instructions from Trevor were flawless-thank you. I followed this article (and others) to get the sd card formatted and configure link2sd One strange thing though: I only see the Internal memory and the 1st primary FAT32 partition. Second primary ext2 (even tried ext4 for kicks) simply doesn't show up in the native, "Storage" application. Link2SD appears to see it though. Does this mean I can utilize the space and simply watch Link2SD to monitor its usage? I look forward to exploring this phone further. :) Much thanks, JAB
Only Link2SD will see the second partition, so it looks like everything is good. You can see the size/usage of all partitions in the Link2SD "Storage Info" menu.

I used a 2.GB partition for Link2SD on my 32.GB card. I have almost all of my (non-system) apps linked to SD (75 apps are linked). I didn't link Link2SD itself, Lookout, my keyboard (SwiftKey), or my license key for PowerAmp (since it wasn't recognized by PowerAmp after I moved it the first time), and a few other minor items.
Thanks that makes total sense, especially seeing no space on internal has disappeared after installing 5-6 apps. Much appreciated.