Looking for S4 features for my S3


I was told there was a way to get some of the Galaxy S4 features for my Galaxy S3 (SPH L710)... I contacted Samsung and they said it would have to be provided by Boost/Sprint. I did find one after googling it, but a lot of the reviews were bad. Is there anything I can do without rooting my phone? Should I contact Boost/Sprint? I'm extremely happy with my phone but would also like some of the S4 features if possible. Any help would be appreciated...Thanks :thinking:


The Doctor
You'll just have to wait for Samsung to release the update. The 4.2.2 update for the S3 is already in the alpha phase and has been leaked (with bugs still though since its not final).


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Without rooting, yeah youre gona have to wait until samsung and then your carrier are ready to give you these things :thumbdown: