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Magical Drop

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by MajesticFlame, Dec 19, 2009.

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    Just thought I'd mention this in the gaming forum since I didn't see any other threads for it.

    Magical Drop is on sale for 99 cents right now. I just sort of accidentally came across it and tried the demo. Liked it enough that I got the full version. Surprised it hasn't seen more downloads, though it is one of the larger game downloads on the market. Also it had been selling for three times as much before this sale.

    It has the options for touch screen control, onscreen d-pad and onscreen split horizontal and vertical buttons. I tried playing it with the touch screen controls first but since I didn't even know how the game worked that turned out bad. So the second time I used the split onscreen buttons and did better.

    I tried the touch screen controls again after I bought it and did much better though I still don't know which control scheme I like better.

    I am on a Motorola Droid so I have a bit of black on the bottom due to the different aspect ratio of the droid. Game still works fine and looks great though it would be nice if they'd fill it out with art and maybe put the virtual buttons on the bottom for those that choose to use them.

    Just search for it on the market or use the qr codes on androlib:

    Link to it's androlib page for demo

    Link to it's androlib page for paid version

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