Root [MetroPCS] A simple request. For a custom kernel for f6 optimus. LG


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Does anybody know any kernels. For the rooted. LG F6 metro pcs yet and if not how can i help anyone. Testing one? Making one or researching. For one?


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guessing its just a heads up ;)

This was posted way before the kernel came out.....

It's called "post count whoring" on most forums. LOL I've seen quite a few old/resolved bumped threads very recent. Hubs, please do not get offended. There was no actual pun intended, just a little laugh because I owned a forum for a few years and that's what we called post like this. So... Just a little humor on my part to myself. I've been guilty of the same and seen much much more real meanings of this at my place. I could go and view a profile and would be 50-100 5 word simple comments from the same user lol. I learned to use certain scripts to stop it. At least from what I've seen you have some lengthy, helpful, or help needed comments from you. Please have the laugh with me, instead of being mad. In all honesty, your comments are most helpful and have schooled me in the past.


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It's all good Flablitz, I am used to forums that only count 1 Post per every thread you post on, whether you left 10-12 posts or not. So I don't pay much attention. Apparently, or I would of seen the date on the post. I just happened to see it and be like oh man there's the freedom kernel out. So no offense taken and not mad. :D