Mint Condition Google Nexus One (Unlocked - AT&T 3G) + Extras


Selling Google Nexus One (Unlocked) running 2.3 Gingerbread. The N1 was recently Refurbished (about a month ago). This phone is in mint condition with no scratches or dents. The phone is unlocked for all GSM networks and has 3G for AT&T's bands. Pure Android device straight from Google, no annoying User Interface like motoblur! Unrooted.

-Google Nexus One (Unlocked GSM)
-8gb Micro SD card
-Hard Seido case
-Wall charger
-Car Charger
-Computer cable
-Original Box with all packets

Want to sell the Google Nexus One for $250 (shipped) + 6% (Paypal fee) or best offer. I will only accept payment through PayPal.

Feel free to contact me at New messages on the forum don't get sent to my email.

Thank you,