Help Mirror screening novice, help please


Apr 3, 2023

Up till now I was using Windows 10's Desktop Projection to mirror screen to my TV.
- it works phenomenally and I'm happy

However, I have another TV which isn't a smart TV, so I bought an android TV Box.
- The Android Box has a preinstalled Miracast app

I want to know a way to use my regular desktop projection to connect to Miracast but that Miracast asks me to confirm a password or PIN that only I know?
- I do not wish to install another app to my PC
- I am okay with installing apps similar to Miracast on my Android TV Box

On the internet I found various applications like LetsView, Reflector 4, AirServer, Mirroring360, ApowerMirror, ScreenBeam Configurator app, Wi-Fi Direct Password-Protected Transmitter, AnyDesk, Chrome Remote Desktop, Microsoft Remote Desktop, Miracast Widget & Shortcut app, Miracast Screen Sharing App, Connectify Hotspot, but I fail to realize the potential of all these and which one to pick based on details and preferences (the less clutter, the better. I only need the password protection option).

Is there any app that I can only install to my Android Box and use regular Windows 10 Desktop Projection to connect to it, but that it asks me for a PIN that I have to enter on the device which I am using to connect to that Android Box (in this case laptop)?
If not, what is the closest and simplest (possibly free) alternative?