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Hey all, jsut thought I'd share the mod I done to my Moga Pro controller for use with my Note 2 in an Otterbox Defender case.

Only part not simple to get is a spare holster for your Defender. I started off with wood from Menard's 1/2 x 2" x 3'. Cut off a piece 3 1/2" long to fit in the Moga arm. On one side after painting satin black with krylon fusion I used the heavy interlocking stuff made by 3m thats like velcro, but is hard plastic on both sides. (see pic) on the other side I glued a piece of 1/8 x 3/16 on each side at the edge. On each end I used sticky back foam from Hobby Lobby. I wrapped the sides and back with black vinyl...also from HL.

When placed in the Moga arm the two rails glued center the block perfectly. Stick the 3m fasteners on the back of a spare defender holster with the clip removed...could use any small gripping phone mount I suppose. One of my main reasons for making this is so I can use the Moga with my Note 2 in portrait mode while playing The Pinball Arcade.


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I ordered an extra holster from otterbox...still in transit, just finished this today. Considering getting the 9300 MaH battery from ZeroLemon, waiting for some news about a supposed rugged case for it they're making rather than what comes with it now. Would have to use a generic spring loaded mount attached to this in that case.


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Got the extra holster today and here is the finished product. The arm kept falling forward from the weight so I cut off an unneeded micro usb plug and used a rubber band and it gives the needed support.


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Hey thx for the pictures. I want to mod my defender case with a ZL battery and have this setup...

Actually Moga Pro releasing a new update with a power series controller that has an improved clip, big enough to hold defender or zl battery, and built in battery charger. So there be no need to mod anything ;)


Moga Pro Power in this case would support something that size however I think the OP's mod is much more useful as something to do to add a nexus 7 FHD (since that is not support by mogapro power or hero)

OP your shit looks sleek and awesome!