Moto G Play not responding


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May 9, 2017
My friend's new phone, which he used all night and part of today, isn't doing much despite being at 100%. Maybe it just needs a rest? He rebooted it more than once without making a real difference.
I found out one more interesting thing. Some sites HE visited appeared in MY Duckduckgo. He says he didn't use my phone. How could this have happened?
It doesn't seem likely. We visit way different sites. We might have one or two in common, but that'd be about it.
Apparently what happened was he borrowed my phone and that's how his material got on there. That doesn't fix his, though. I'm not sure this a googoo problem. His Moto G Play is very difficult to "move". It keeps vibrating (intermittently) and some parts of the screen are being outlined in bright green boxes. I cannot make the screen move up, and it's very hard to get past the "front page". I have shut it down and rebooted, with the same result. It keeps going to other things than what I try to touch. Settings are almost impossible to use. Does it need surgery? I took a screenshot from his phone, one which I hope would show part of the problem, but I don't know how to/if I can upload it to you. If I could somehow make Photos upload from his phone, I could probably select the shot from mine.
I don't know how to do that with what can be reached. I did find, on reddit, of all things, a post by someone who thought the phone was bricked but it turned out it was some kind of talkback accessibility accidentally switched on by the simultaneous pressing of the up and down volume buttons. The Play seems to have only one such control. Then I investigated settings, with limited availability, and found that, but when I finally managed to switch it off, it made no obvious difference. Yes, I rebooted after that, seemingly to no effect.
I had a look at that, and while it might turn out to be necessary, it's certainly not desirable. We do have limited access to settings, with difficulty. It would be nice to turn down volume at least, as it is very loud.
I fixed it. It turns out it somehow got accessibility switched on, and I was barely able to switch it back to something that's useful. Freedom is slavery. War is peace. Accessibility is...
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