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Motorola Photon for GSM unlocked?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by edejan, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. edejan

    edejan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I live in Germany.
    Im very interested in the Photon.
    But im not sure that this phone is locked or unlocked in our gsm network.
    please help

    nice regards erik

  2. AhmadCentral

    AhmadCentral Newbie

    Calls and texts will work, not 100% sure about data. Plus the phone will search for a sprint network every time you turn the phone on. So its best you root and install a custom rom/delete sprint apps.

    However, i recommend waiting for the Motorola Electrify. It's the exact same phone but doesn't come with the sprint apps/4g radio. It should be easier to use data apn abroad with this phone. (i'm going to get this soon for the UK)
  3. boofa75

    boofa75 Newbie

    I upgraded my mother in laws phone to a Photon for this purpose only. She's currently in Portugal using her Photon with a TMN sim card. Before she left, I changed the network to GSM only but once she turned it once, since there wasn't a sim card install, it switched over and began looking for Sprint service. The people working at the cell carrier didn't know what to do but I had my MIL call me and I walked them through setting it up once the TMN sim card was installed. She added a data plan to the sim card and she is able to surf the net and use Google Nav. I had her turn the phone off and then back on and it immediately connected to the TMN service. BTW, people working at TMN were totally blown away by the Photon since they've never seen it before.
  4. AhmadCentral

    AhmadCentral Newbie

    Can i ask, did your MIL have to enter the APN settings manually to use data?

    Also, does the android market work in portugal with euros? Or is it all in US$?
  5. boofa75

    boofa75 Newbie

    She didn't have to do anything with the APN settings for the data to work. As far as the market..good question...next time I talk to her, I'll have her go in and check.

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