Moving apps to new phone

I have searched for this for a while before asking this question.
I have a G2 running 2.2 and I am getting a new phone via warranty. I have a couple games that I don't want to lose my game progress when switching to a new phone.
If the apps are installed on the SD card, is there a way to keep the data when switching to a new phone? If I install the app on the new phone, move to SD card, power down phone and put in old SD card with the data, will the save games port over?
I have wasted too much time on these games to lose my progress. If there isn't a way, maybe I should take it as a sign that I am wasting too much time...

Thanks for any help.


Android Expert
If you were rooted, I'd recommend to use Titanium Backup.
There are a few apps managers that would backup and restore your apps, but I don't think they will backup the apps data (Astro, MyBackup Pro, etc).
In any case, I highly doubt that you can simply put the SD card in another phone and restore the data.