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Multimedia (HDMI + OTG) dock - not working after power off then power on

Discussion in 'Android Accessories' started by findlay234, Mar 23, 2016.

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    Hi All,

    I have an issue with my Galaxy S4 (CM12.1) and the Leicke Clever Dock multimedia and otg dock I'm using. If I operate the dock by the instructions (plug in usb peripherals then plug in HDMI then plug in usb power before plugging the phone in) it works flawlessly. If I then power off the dock leaving the phone on (i use macrodroid to set it into a low power mode) and then power up again it starts charging but wont transfer the screen to hdmi unless I pull out the phone and plug it back in.

    I assume that the issue is the trigger for MHL but I cant understand whether it is something in the phone that isnt putting the usb port into mhl mode or if its the dock not doing something.

    A few options I am likely to explore:
    1 - Find a new dock that enables this (im struggling to work out whether any of them can, even the official samsung one) (again i want to be able to leave the phone in the dock over night unpowered in a low power mode and then power the dock on in the morning and it to automatically turn on MHL and send through HDMI)
    2 - Get the phone to enable MHL when charging (i have searched high and low and cant find anything that might be able to help - this is likely to be a modification to a script which I am fairly comfortable with. I just havent found the solution)
    3 - Get the phone to disable and then enable the usb port (dont know if this will even solve the problem - again probable needs scripting)
    4 - Other (suggestions appreciated)

    Im also investigating screen casting and will see if there is a route there but I will also need the OTG capability. My worry with screen casting is the latency.



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