Jan 16, 2021
. . I have a Slider that's been Stuck in a boot loop since I got it a few Years Back now & that I keep getting out now and again to look for any help of getting it out of this so I can Use it but still I can't sort it out, . . I've not done anything to it at all & If anyone Can help me out Here I'd be so Great Full, . . Nice 1, . "DAY" . !
. . Please can Anyone Help me get my Asus Slider Out of this Boot Loop its Been in Since I got it Some Years Back now if POSS PLEASE . ??? I've Not Tried to do ANYTHING Sep for the Norm Factory Reset, . . So No Messing With Changing the Rom Or Anything Els that ALOT OF Peeps Do that Jus end up making it Twice as Worse lol, . So it's Still Jus a Fresh Norm Boot Loop, . (BUT I got it in this Loop so what Could of been done before I've Not a Tube Of Glue ) . And ANY KIND OF HELP Would be Most Welcome & I'd be Ever so Grateful, . . Nice 1, . . "DAY" . !