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Need a way to browse my computer over a fast wireless connection

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by megagame, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. megagame

    megagame Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm looking for a way to stream videos/Music/Browse files to my android phone ( Motorola RAZR )
    The phone already have a feature ( just a program really ) called MotoCast that does just that but the thing is it's over the net, means the speed is limited to my Upload/Download Net speed, and it's pretty slow and buggy
    Is there a way to connect and browse my computer with my phone using a high speed wireless connection ? and not though the net ? like Bluetooth or WiFi ( with the 100mb router speed or local WiFi network ) ?


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  2. megagame

    megagame Lurker
    Thread Starter

    There's a way using the program Connectify that makes your computer an access point and you should be able to connect to it and share, but I keep getting Obtaining Ip address in my Android .. Ideas ?

    Plus how do you guys share your files and pictures between your phone and your PC it's a pain in the butt to connect using the USB connection every time ..
  3. chrstdvd

    chrstdvd Android Enthusiast

    You should have an app DLNA that you can use to do what you want. When I open mine I get a screen to play media, copy media to phone, copy media to server, and Share media. I had to set up the Samsung Allshare desktop client on the computer to set up a server though. But it works with my Moto D2 as well as the Samsung Droid Charge that uses an app AllShare rather than the Moto DLNA app. The name of the desktop file is AllSharePCSW.exe, you will have to Google it to get the download link. Once it is installed on the computer it will get your computers shared media folders and then you will be able to play it on your phone or the other functions of the app. Watch for a pop up on in the trey that says xxx(your phone) wants is requesting to acquire the network. Hit yes and you are set.
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  4. megagame

    megagame Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm new at those Android stuff, but I'm a quick learner so please stay with me..
    I downloaded the AllShare app from Samsung's website and install it, but I don't know how to connect my phone to it (or if it's possible).
    I have an option when I go the "Files" it says "Shared Folders" and when I enter it I see "Add a server" I scan and find nothing.

    It's a real simple thing, and I thought all of you use it, but I can't seem to find an easy way !
  5. chrstdvd

    chrstdvd Android Enthusiast

    Open up your Network and Sharing Center on your computer and verify you have a functioning Network broadcasting WIFI through your router. See my screen shot here.
    View attachment 26060

    Then open up the AllShare desktop client and mine looks like this after it is all set up.
    View attachment 26061
    Yours may not look like this yet, so open Tools > Network Info and verify that your network is there. Here is what mine looks like.
    View attachment 26062
    It just shows that my network is active. You should see yours.

    Now open Tools > Settings and you should see something like this.
    View attachment 26063
    If it is empty, then choose the Add Shared Folder and Navigate to your Music Folder and add it, then Videos, and Pictures. It will take some time for the program to load your content, so just wait.

    Now that you have a network and shared folders, open Tools > Settings and click on the Privilege tab. This is where you can see all the items that are connected to the server. The first entry is my Droid 2 the Second is my Droid Charge. For them to show up you have to have WIFI enabled on your phone and the DLNA app opened. Check the box in upper left (Always Allow) and you will bypass the pop up asking permission. Now and you should see your phone listed.
    View attachment 26064

    Finally on your phone you should see something like this when you have the DLNA app open.
    snap20111213_052331 (450x253).jpg

    When you hit the play button you will see the Shared Content or Shared folder. Just drill on down until you get the idea and you will get to see/hear your media on your phone. To listen/view to the media that is on your phone on your computer or other device touch the Share Media button on the phone and the bar below will turn green. On your computer in the privilege tab of settings you must have "Allow" checked on the bottom of the screen.

    I hope this all works out for you. Let us know where specific problems may pop up.
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  6. megagame

    megagame Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Btw the pictures (the attachments) didn't show :(
  7. chrstdvd

    chrstdvd Android Enthusiast

    To heck with DLNA there is an easier way that I use on my Charge. Go to the market and get the app Qloud. You will see a link to go get the desktop server software. Install that on computer and leave it running and see if the app works on the phone, But ....

    OK I have reviewed all the pictures you attached (btw you have to click the attachment to see the pics I sent, do not know why). The second picture says in upper top left "no shared folders" http://i39.tinypic.com/j73ms1.jpg, so did you add them? I see in the picture settings > folders where it says you have some http://i42.tinypic.com/261gn55.jpg

    I think I see you WIFI symbol up there on the last pic next to the bars. You do have WIFI enabled on the phone?

    One thing is that you have to have the AllShare desktop client running for the server to be seen by the phone. When I open mine and then x out of it, there is still an AllShare icon in the notification area. Make sure the software is running on the computer for both AllShare and Qloud.

    Everything else looks good except that picture that says "no Shared Folder".

    In internet explorer you should see a network icon like on this pic of mine. Double Chick on your computer, on right and it should expand to show your shared folders. If none are there you need to go to the folder and right click it and go Sharing and choose Advanced Sharing and go thru the screens to Share the Folder.
    network (450x398).jpg

    Shares (404x450).jpg
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  8. megagame

    megagame Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Just to sum up what I've been doing:
    1) both computer and phone connected to the same router and same net connection
    2) I installed AllShare and changed nothing ( no need to )
    3) I enabled Media Share on the phone and began searching for DLNA servers, nothing shows up on either the PC or the Phone.

    4) I installed Qloud Server on my PC, Added a Shared File and made a user name + password
    5) opened the Qloud Media Free on phone and added 3 servers with different numbers
    first I put the PIN number
    second External address and the third the Internal Address
    tried them all, none seem to connect.

    I really appreciate you helping me, Thanks a ton :) !
  9. chrstdvd

    chrstdvd Android Enthusiast

    Well here is the first part of my Qloud log.
    Here is a copy of my log:
    I 15:51:59 app server version v2.2
    I 15:51:59 net server is listening on port: 8888
    I 15:52:00 net server is started
    I 15:52:00 dns-sd unregister services
    I 15:52:00 dns-sd register service (QloudServer, Sunshine, 8888)
    I 15:52:00 upnp register services completed
    I 15:52:03 upnp WAN IP connection v1 found : WGR614v10 WGR614v10 / NETGEAR, Inc.
    I 15:52:03 upnp update external address :
    V 15:52:03 upnp update port mapping (TCP, 8888 -> 8888)
    I 15:52:03 net register with PIN service started
    I 15:52:07 net register with PIN service succeed (PIN = 847510764409)
    I 15:54:22 proc user 'a' login
    I 15:54:55 proc user 'a' play audio '/Music/REO Speedwagon/Hi Infidelity/01 Don't Let Him Go.m4a'
    I 15:58:43 proc user 'a' play audio '/Music/REO Speedwagon/Hi Infidelity/02 Keep on Loving You.mp3'

    Alright, here is the crux of the problem on your end:
    I 21:27:53 upnp no valid WAN IP connection found
    I 21:27:53 nat-pmp fail to add port mapping (TCP, 8888) : (-65537)

    I have to admit to you that I am Billy Boot Camp when it comes to Networking, I crashed my computer learning how to do this stuff. But...

    "nat pnp" is telling me, from what I understand, that your behind 2 routers.

    "No valid WAN IP found"

    Look at the Server tab and see if you have any addresses in it like this.
    server (450x353).jpg

    It should be empty on yours because the program can not see your router.
    Let me know, we might have to do some tinkering in your router settings. I have a Netgear, as you can see in the picture I attached on last post.

    If I can not help you, go to Qloud forums and look at the posts, there and ask some questions there. I had to, as you will see.
    Qiss Forum • View forum - Qloud Media (Android)
  10. megagame

    megagame Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Okey what I did was: Enabled UPnP from my router and I disabled my firewall
    It worked using the PiN code not the Ip address
    It's surly faster than MotoCast but still not what I hoped for
    I guess is I want anything faster I have to buy a new better router
    Anyways it worked, thanks to you :).
  11. chrstdvd

    chrstdvd Android Enthusiast

    Well Good, but I am not excited about you having to disable your firewall. You can make rules in your firewall, that will allow this app access. (I forget how to do it, at the moment). One good resource I had when learning this stuff is the windows 7 Forum and I will give you the link. There are tons of tutorials on networking over there and all other aspects of Windows 7. You might browse around over there for future reference.

    Windows 7 Forums

    The good thing is, you know how to set up a server now. BTW if you turn off WIFI on your phone and try to connect to Qloud with the external IP add you should be able to stream over 3G. I can not because I have to use Satellite provider Hughes Net which blocks all incoming ports. I would have to get a static IP from them to get the ports opened for port forwarding.

    My work around for that is to use Audio Galaxy app. You have to let them upload your library content and then you can stream music over 3G to your phone from your computer when you are not at home. It works great.

    Now that you can set up a server, you can browse the Market for other apps that stream to your phone; you may find others that are faster or more to your liking. Also I got into this by reading the Media Thread on different Forums where you can find suggestions for other good apps. Good luck.
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  12. megagame

    megagame Lurker
    Thread Starter

    What your talking about is the Windows firewall, I'm using a 3rd party firewall, which is Eset Smart Security 5, it has rules and trusted zones but I still have no idea how to setup one, I guess some searching will do.

    Yeah about that, I don't have a 3G internet connection, It costs a lot in my country.

    I've found some apps that seem interesting and I'm yet to try them, I guess the best way to learn is to try by yourself
    Anyways thanks a lot man, your advises really helped me :)

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