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Support Need good music player with Sansa-like track marking and organizing

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Stringfellow, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. Stringfellow

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    Jul 27, 2010

    Jul 27, 2010
    I just got the Incredible, and of course I'm impressed overall, but there's certain must-have music player features which are missing. Ironically, two features have become must-have features because I have used them on Sansa's (Sandisk) cheap and old Fuze player!

    When you pause in the middle of a track, then shut the device off, or go and play something different for awhile, the Fuze remembers where you were in that track. You get the option to continue where you left off, or start at the beginning. I'm not sure whether or not this describes the "bookmarking" feature on the MarketPlace description of bTunes (one of the paid music players which are listed there).

    This feature is a must-have if you play audio book tracks. Call me a ***, but I've been taking in great books which I otherwise would not have between commuting time and my often-repetitive job, without the added eye strain - it's well worth dealing with the sometimes grating annoyance of pompous narrators. You can take a break from it and rock out with KISS for awhile, without losing your place in the book track, and I'm really gonna miss this if there's no Android apps with this capability.

    The other nice feature which I'll really miss is that the Sansa menu actually has a separate menu item just for audio books - since your book tracks really aren't music, and book authors aren't musicians it can be kinda frustrating when you want to find one or the other (music or book), to find that everything's co-mingled together. Sansa Fuze is the only player I've used which spares me that annoyance.

    I would be really happy if somebody could recommend a music player for Incredible with these features. I have been to the Marketplace and searched under Music, and tried several apps - two or three of the free apps them crashed, MortPlayer is a fine free app which doesn't seem to have the above abilities either, and the rest of the music players which I saw weren't free. I tried to download bTunes, and my credit is good, but Google stalled and crashed (without comment), failing to complete my transaction. Yes, I'm willing to pay a reasonable amount if necessary to get what I want!

    Any help is much appreciated!


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