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Need help on an sms App.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MongolStomp, Jan 5, 2010.

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    So, I'm coming to the Eris from a blackberry, and so far I'm happy with the switch. One of my only concerns is the native sms app. First off, I really dig the chat-style way it's set up, it reminds me of BBM, which I really enjoyed. The one thing that bothers me is there is no way of telling the status of a message you sent. Is there? I turned on delivery reports for about 5 minutes and found it extremely annoying that it sent you a notification as well as placing it in the conversation thread(yes obviously that's it's purpose). My Blackberry had it perfect for checking the status of a message, it would give a check mark and a "D" if the message was delivered or a little clock icon if it was pending delivery. Made it really simple to tell whether or not my message was sent. SO, which apps(if any) give this same sort of delivery status, or is there a setting or something that I could change on the native app to get something like this, Please help!


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    I can only speak for Handcent because I never use the stock Messages app, but when I send a text, it will have the rotating green circle right by the "bubble" while it is sending. Once it is gone, I always assume it was delivered. I've never seen an undelivered text, so not sure how that shows up.

    Edit: I have "Handcent delivery report" enabled in the Retrieve settings. I do not have the carrier delivery reports enabled. Not sure what the difference would be.

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