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Need help rooting by a pro, please? - Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch by Sprint (D710)

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. Android Question

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    I think the title says it all. I could use some assistance from a tech pro with rooting a device. I just really don't want to risk a brick. Again for your convenience, my device is:

    SAMSUNG - Galaxy S2
    Sprint Epic 4G Touch (D710)

    Also, please be aware that I am somewhat aware of very little in regards to rooting, but want to do so because someone has managed to hack my phone. Cut off my calls in the middle of them. Make a full battery read 0% and power off, stuff like that.

    In addition, I have CM security and Sweeper plus CM Browser installed. Along, with free version of Webroot Secure Anywhere and I have not installed any non Google Play apps. I have the device encrypted and use app No root firewall. I am still being owned. I was hoping that I could find some program to disable built into the 4.1 OS that would cut off access. I was reading that a lot of Android devices have been compromised in September due to some permission loophole.

    The biggest and latest of all my problems is that I just recently changed my password and am sure I remember it correctly, yet I cannot use that or my previous password to access and un-encrypt the device. It told me I have 7 attempts left until all data is erased from internal storage. I removed my exSD card, but feel pretty helpless.

    Please help if anyone is able! Thanks for your efforts & time.

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  2. Mr. Lucky

    Mr. Lucky Android Expert

    I highly doubt that someone hacking your phone could cause the symptoms you describe. It sounds more like file system corruption to me, and will only get worse if you do nothing. I'm all for rooting, but it won't help in this case. If you can get past the current password issue, backup all your data using Helium or similar. Either way, a full factory data reset is called for, instructions below:


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