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Network Cable Issue

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Johnny Connors, May 30, 2017.

  1. Johnny Connors

    Thread Starter

    I have recently bought a new box : 2GB/16GB/s905x] EgoIggo S95X Pro Android with which I am experiencing an issue. I want to use this box using a network cable connection. I am using a powerline adapter which is feeding a small hub. That hub then feeds a cable to both my new box and to a another tv box: Youview BT box. The Youview box works fine from the hub feed; but the Egologgo box reports 'no connection'.

    The Eggologgo box works fine with the cable that comes direct from the powerline adapter; also I think I have eliminated the cables being an issue as when I swap the network cable between the BT box and the Egologgo the BT box still works.

    My previous android box worked fine with this set-up.

    So any clues as to why this may be an issue with this box really appreciated.

    Thanks in optimistic advance.


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