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New Droids available for pre-order

Discussion in 'Verizon' started by MeatLoafT, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. MeatLoafT

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    I just got the email from Verizon, the new Droids are available for pre-order and look pretty sweet.
    I went to the site and compared them to the DNA and S4, specs are impressive with one huge exception (for me). The Droid Maxx, Ultra, and Mini are all lacking removeable memory (at least that's what the comparison chart says.) If this is true and OTG won't be supported (I have a Razr Maxx and it doesn't have OTG capability) then I'm out of this upgrade. The internal memory is 32 GB for the Maxx and 16 GB for the Ultra and Mini.
    So, that's my $.02 if anyone is interested. If you have information to the contrary, by all means correct me! I'd love to be wrong on the expandable memory thing...

  2. jhawkkw

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    Probably not going to know about OTG until someone finds a way to root it.
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