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new here give me tips and tricks for my nexus s

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Dakota nexus s, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. Dakota nexus s

    Thread Starter

    hey guys my names Dakota. I have had the evo 4g and my charger port broke so the store gave me a nexus s instead since the evo was on back order. I have a few question's. how can I make my battery last longer. I have juice defender but the battery doesn't seem to last any longer than my evo did. which was just barely acceptable. also I noticed the stock txt message app won't let you send more than 160 characters. I downloaded an other app and anymore than one page and it was gibberish. I finally found an app that? works great and doesn't do all of that. but was curious as to why it does it in the first place. also if anyone wants to give me insight on neat apps and different things and apps that work well with this phone I would appreciate it. thanks all I'm glad to be there.

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  2. UssjTrunks

    UssjTrunks Android Enthusiast

    Check under settings and battery use which apps are using the most battery life. You might have background processes that are eating your battery. If you don't need them, you could stop/uninstall them. My battery (Nexus S) lasts me through the day (8+ hours) with light use. I get about 5 hours with heavy use (games, videos, browsing, etc).

    160 characters is a limit imposed by the SMS technology itself. It's like that on every phone. Deciding not to split your message turns it into an MMS message, which not everyone can receive.
  3. Dakota nexus s

    Thread Starter

    I will check my battery usage. I never noticed that 1 txt thing on my evo. I also noticed that the newer phones don't let you sync Facebook contacts to your phone
  4. Dakota nexus s

    Thread Starter

    OK so I noticed when I send pictures it sends them sideways. what the heck?

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