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Newb, with a MMS picture question

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sk8ordie, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. sk8ordie

    sk8ordie Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I just returned to Android after IOS, I've had Android before with the same problem. I get picture messages on my Note 2 and they come in smaller than the screen and come in as a video? ? I can't super size them without saving them to my phone or Sd card and I hate doing all that to see a picture that I don't wanna save our keep. Weird thing is a majority of the photos do this but some come through as normal large photos. Anyway to alleviate this problem? I'll use the search function when I can get deeper into all the threads. Thanks for all the help, Ron

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  2. Cid67

    Cid67 Member

    I have the exact same problem on my Note II freakin annoying..
    I installed Handcent app but still have to save then open..
  3. It's doing that because you are sending/receiving pictures with text so it makes it a stupid slide show. You have to send/receive pictures with no text for them to go full screen. If you want to see pictures full screen you can't send/receive them with text. Nothing you can really do if other people send pictures with text though.
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  4. sk8ordie

    sk8ordie Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I went and checked and you're correct. I do have one or two texts that are small and slide show format with no text in it??? It did this with my HTC a few years ago and drove me nut's, lol. I'll have to live with it I guess.:D
  5. tipopilota

    tipopilota Member

    To fix this install Go SMS. It works great and your pics come like they should. Yes I agree the default for how pics come is annoying in the default text app.
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  6. bugeyeblue

    bugeyeblue Well-Known Member

    I tired a bunch of SMS apps today because of this problem. I didn't like any of them except chomp SMS. It doesn't do any of this converting crap and its free. It has a very iOS feel to it, which I like. Its one of the only things I miss from my iPhone 5.
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  7. sk8ordie

    sk8ordie Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Me too :D I won't be going back to IOS unless they do a major upgrade to the IOS system. iPhone isn't fun unless it's jailbroken.
  8. lcneed

    lcneed Android Enthusiast

    Download Go SMS Pro
    Download Go SMS Emoji Plugin
    Select iPhone Theme
    Set MMS Settings -> Max MMS size to 5Mb
    Check Preserve image resolution
    Set Send Settings -> Check MMS Group Chat

    Now your Go SMS app would act just like the iPhone message app. :p And your group chat will work with all your iPhones friends.
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