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General Newer Flytouch 3 Superpad III

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dawsonmed, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. dawsonmed

    dawsonmed New Member
    Thread Starter

    Sep 22, 2011
    Hello everybody. Just some questions to throw out there to see if I can get some help. First of all, I had a Flytouch 3 and bought 4 new ones to replace the older Flytouch 3 for myself and the rest of my family. First of all, I know very little about volts and amps and electrical stuff, but understand the logic of it. So please don't laugh if questions that I ask are totally stupid from an electrical engineering standpoint.

    The newer 4 FT3's that I got all supposedly came with Android 2.3. When you pulled up the INFO screen from the system area, it even states Android 2.3 and these ones are called TABLET10, rather than DISCO or DISCO10. So I downloaded the Android System Info app from the marketplace to see what it really has in it.
    -Android 2.2 (suprise suprise)
    -X210 processor
    -404 RAM
    This really didn't suprise me. I also opted to have them upgraded to 8gb from the 4gb. It shows that there is 8, but it is broken up into 2 cards. 1 card with 1 and 3, and the other with 2 and 2. This kinda threw me off a little bit.

    So, now that I notice that this FT3 appears to be fairly different from the FT3 that I sold, I decided to do some more exploring. I was going to flash with tims6a but wanted to make sure that I had the factory ROM to flash back to if need be. When I contacted the seller, they responded back and sent me the ROM for the FT3 9v. "9V?" Sh*T..... I just bought 4 car chargers that were 5v because the last FT3 that I had was a 5V.
    1) Will these 5v car chargers still work?

    Then I noticed that there were places that stated the battery inside was only a 3000hm battery. Well, I decided that I was going to open up the case to see what exactly I had going on inside this thing. I opened up the case to find a completely blank battery. No printing on it anywhere. I lifted it up, flipped it over and it is completely blank. There is a sticker on it, but it has no specs on it and just appears to be a part number.
    2) How can I tell the specs of this battery? I know I and take a voltmeter and jump it across to see how many volts, but is there any way how to tell how many hm's it is? If it is a 9V battery, any way I can replace it with an 8000hm 5v?
    So, now I decide to take out the board. I get it out and flip it over to check on the processor. Sure enough, it is a x210. So I decided to pull up the tape holding the FT card into the motherboard just to see what it was. And to my suprise....... it was only a 4gb card. WTF?!? how can there only be a 4gb card in the slot, yet it is showing up as a total of 8 according to ANDROID SYSTEM INFO app? Is this yet another falsification of registery values too, or am I missing how they are getting 8gb with a 4gb card?

    When I removed the battery, I think that I have it a little out of position because when I reassembled it, the entire unit is bowed a very small amount.
    I have every intention of taking it apart again to fix this. I am also going to put the gps antennae internally. I actually broke the darn thing off in the adapter the first day I got it. I read about taking it out of the case, and placing it internally in the tablet.

    1) Can I still use the 5v car chargers even though it is supposedly a 9v tablet and the wall charger says 9v?
    2) Did I get dooped on the 8gb because there is only a 4gb chip in the onboard TF slot?
    3) How can I test the battery and can I replace a 9v battery with a 5v 8000hm?

    I am also going to take several photos of the inside for you guys to look at and give me your thoughts.
    I really want to flash this thing with Tims6a, but want to make sure that I am not gonna brick this thing before the rest of my family even gets theirs for Xmas.

    I know that the first thing out of everybody mouth is going to be......send it back and get your money back because it is a clone. I know it is a clone and I knew it was a clone when I bought it. For the price that I paid for the 4 of these shipped including the keyboard cases, I really can't complain too much even if I can't flash a new ROM on them and if they aren't anything special.

    I will hopefully have pics on here by the end of the day of me taking it apart and the internal components.


  2. wileyx

    wileyx New Member

    Dec 2, 2011
    Electronic Technician
    I am willing to bet you got a clone. And counterfeit SD cards can also be "spoofed" to say they are 8GB, when in fact they are 4GB (memory error messages will always give it away).

    You may not want to flash a new ROM into that tablet, it may not function correctly and may, in fact, "brick" it and you may not be able to get back to the original factory setup.
  3. dart16

    dart16 Well-Known Member

    May 9, 2011
    You have a new model. I have never heard of a MODEL10 before. As such, it will be difficult to advise you on your problems, except to say that a 5 volt charger wont charge a '9 volt' (actually the battery will be 7.2 volts) battery.

    The x200 and x210 processor do not support GPS, the x220 however, does support GPS, so if the GPS works it probably is a x220, unless the pcb is substantially different from its predecessors and it has a seperate GPS receiver built on the pcb.

    The internal memory is interesting, it may be that the tf card in the internal slot is indeed mis-reporting itself.. the best way to check it is to remove it, plug it into a PC and run h2testw.exe on it. (google for it)( you will have to re-flash the tablet afterwards so if you want to go down this route make sure you have the files and the procedure to get a working system back). If it passes that then maybe there is some soldered in memory as well as the card. It is normal to partition larger than 4GB cards into two or more partitions as the Android system cannot live on a large partition.

    Different models of FT3 have different methods of commencing a flash, trying the wrong method wont brick the tablet... it just wont flash, however, if you use the right method of flashing but use a corrupt or incorrect file then it may brick it. I suggest you contact the seller and ask them for both the procedure and a link to the files.

    The battery is what it is....if there are no markings (and even if there are they may be wrong!) then the only way of finding out what capacity is is by charging it fully and monitoring the discharge rate and the duration, try battery monitor widget pro.apk Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    you will have to fully charge the battery and then discharge it until it switches itself off, maybe more than once to get a reasonably reliable figure.

    oh...and dont try and fit the gps antenna inside... it wont fit and even if it did.. it wouldn't work in there....

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