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Notifcation bar stuck in portrait mode

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Velobici, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. Velobici

    Velobici Lurker
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    The notification bar (the grey area at the top of the screen with the 3G, signal strength, battery charge, and time) is stuck in portrait mode only. Does not matter if an application is displayed or one of the seven home screens is displayed. In landscape mode, which is only accessible while running an application such as Gmail or Pandora, I can pull down the notification bar without any problems.

    Once the notification bar has been pulled down to cover the screen, I can interact with the notifications either landscape mode or rotate the phone to portrait mode and interact with the notifications.

    This problem just started a few days ago. No idea how I triggered it. Anyone else seen this problem and solved it?

    __Edit:__ The "Orientation" display check has the green check mark. Its the one that says "Switch orientation automatically when rotating phone." Believe that we are talking about the same configuration item.

    No rotation in any of the seven home screens.
    No pull-down of the status bar in any of the seven home screens or in portrait mode when displaying applications.

    __Edit:__ it occurred to me that perhaps I should see if installing LauncherPro might address the problem via LauncherPro's configuration settings. Interestingly enough, one of the two problems is now solved! Installing LauncherPro and using has enabled the phone to switch from portrait mode to landscape when rotated counter clockwise in any of the homesceens as well as in applications. This is good!
    The status bar will not pull down in portait mode...no change.
    However, the status bar will pull down in landscape mode whether in apps or in one of the homescreens.

    If I uninstall LauncherPro and revert to the default homescreen/launcher, both of the original problems return.

    Stopped by the local Verizon Wireless store and showed them the problem....that the grey status bar is stuck at the top of the display and will not "window shade" downward at all, much less cover the entire display. A full reset (Menu button from homescreen, Settings, Privacy, Factory Data Reset) fail to fix the problem. Will be receiving a "CLNR -- Certified Like New Replacement" phone in the next couple of days.

    Thanks to MyBackup Pro for saving my data!

    Remarkable....a software setting is making Verizon replace the phone. If only we knew which bits to diddle, we could fix this problem. Sigh.

  2. mkotsis8705

    mkotsis8705 Newbie

    bits to diddle? really?

    I also have these landscape notification bar issues as well... is anyone else still having these issues?

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