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Numeric Mind - Math Race Best Matematical Game.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by teilenstudio, Oct 31, 2014.

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    Numeric Mind - Math Race

    If you trust your ability to perform four basic mathematical operations, here is a game to challenge

    you. The aim of the game is to obtain the number given at the top left of the screen by defining the

    operations that will be performed among the numbers shown at the bottom of the screen. Test your

    ability, improve it and even compare yourself with others who have taken the challenge and placed

    themselves in the List of Bets. The application you have supports three different languages (English,

    Turkish and German), allows you to share your score in Facebook, it comes with four different

    background options and it is handy game to play.

    How to Play

    Starting with basic problems, it gets harder with each level you pass. The aim of the game is to

    obtain the number given on the upper left part of the screen by performing four simple operations

    (namely summation, subtraction, multiplication and division) to the numbers given at the bottom of

    the screen. When you touch to the screen the four operations will appear on the area you touch. By

    sweeping your finger on the operation you want to apply and pulling your finger off, you choose the

    operation. You can see between which numbers you are putting the operation, since they will the

    two numbers appearing above the bottom line. If your calculation is equal the desired number, you

    pass the level. To continue with the next level, just click on the forward button that appears.


    You can share your score on Facebook, it is enough just to allow the app to do it for you. If you

    want to see your place among other players, just log in and when you log in your score data will

    be updated automatically. With three different language options, you can enjoy the game the

    language you are comfortable with. Also you can personalize your game by choosing among different

    backgrounds (only four of them are available at the moment).

    Play with no time and level limit...

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