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***Official Galaxy Nexus Pre-Release speculation thread**

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Steven58, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. soy.lor.n

    soy.lor.n Well-Known Member

    hmmm...I have heard that it's bad luck to name your baby before he comes, but that it's ok to have a name (or a few) in mind. Just as long as it's not completely decided beforehand.


  2. Aabye

    Aabye Well-Known Member

    It's not just white, its FLASHY NEW WHITE
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  3. TheGreatClam

    TheGreatClam Newbie

    Yep, I am still waiting for my notification that they released the Droid Incredible! :rolleyes:
  4. Rybnik

    Rybnik Android Enthusiast

    So awesome! I think this is the first corporate store to officially acknowledge the phone without prodding for release date etc, right? Woo, hoo!!:D
  5. atrain311

    atrain311 Android Expert

    YOU have just made my day. I am a HUGE 311 fan and see them any chance I get when they come remotely close to where I am. Good to see another fan. :)
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  6. jasaero

    jasaero Android Enthusiast

    I am pretty sure it's release is being held as some variety of bargaining tool over revenue share for different stuffs behind the scenes somehow. Or maybe just legal stuff related to Wallet since that is also loud. At this point I have decided it has nothing to do with bean counting other phones sales, but that could also be a minor contributing factor, even if not the primary reasoning. Really though I don't see any reason for the hard "no sell" demand unless they are trying to make a point of how much they control the availability of the device.
  7. stew930

    stew930 Well-Known Member

    Called my corporate store and they said they have no idea when it will be launched. Didn't bother asking if they received a shipment of them yet since that has no baring on when it will be sold.
  8. HanSolo

    HanSolo Guest

    What chaos?
  9. HanSolo

    HanSolo Guest

    Ugh, can't find it!
  10. flyers

    flyers Lurker

    Hope someone can help me with this. I am now on a month to month with Verizon as my 2 year contract on my original Droid is over. Am I better off to call tomorrow and try the Retention Dept. to get a better deal on a Nexus, or to just go to the store and talk with them. $100 off the phone is better than my loyalty discount, but I think I can do better in the retention program. I have no problem switching carriers, but would really like the Nexus. I am a little short on money right now, so the more savings I can get the more the wife will be happy:)
  11. AntimonyER


    I'm holding out for the sequined one.
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  12. EmotionalNinja

    EmotionalNinja Well-Known Member

    It's not the same as the white iPhone. It's ugly, I held it today. The small bezel of the Razr made me go WTF? It's just a little sliver of white.
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  13. Laxstar785

    Laxstar785 Android Enthusiast

    just reporting back.....Here in RI my Verizon retailer is putting one aside for me to pick up tomorrow and they said tomorrow is the day.....
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  14. backs4iu

    backs4iu Member

    **** NEWSFLASH *****

    12/14/2011: Today, the Department of Labor (DOL) has released the productivity figures for the 3rd quarter of 2011. According to a spokesperson with the DOL worker productivity took a sharp decline starting August 23rd of this year. The DOL has no answer as to why the decline, but the trend continues well into the 4th quarter, and is expected to have a negative impact on the US economic recovery.

    However, one DOL employee who wishes to remain anonymous, cites the creation of a thread on Android Forums as being the culprit. In addition to the decrease in worker productivity this individual has seen an increasing trend in workman's compensation claims. Apparently the claims are all the same and have to do with trauma to the index finger. One claimant was quoted as saying, "I was just pressing the F5 button and my finger gave out."

    Finally, the DOL spokesperson was quoted as saying, "I hope this negative trend ends soon for the sake of all mankind."

    I know how the Department of Labor feels. I hope this ends soon as well. :)
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  15. 1Time

    1Time Member

    It's actually still black with a white outline. Behind the white is the light where the Nexus shines! :p

    I really don't get the whole 'white version' of phones when they don't make the faceplate white too :(
  16. AndroidsOfTara

    AndroidsOfTara Android Enthusiast

    Yes! It's almost as good as the new motherboard smell when building a new computer!

    You should see the look my wife gives me when I try to get her to smell freshly opened electronics!
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  17. Basement06

    Basement06 Newbie

    Which Tampa store? The N. Dale Mabry one just south of Kennedy?
  18. Graham84

    Graham84 Member

    My account shows exactly the same thing. RAZR & Rezound are $249, iPhones are normal prices. I asked about this here but the thread moves so fast that I either missed or didn't get an answer.

    I went into a corp store and asked about this price. They checked my account and said they couldn't honor that price, they would charge me $299 for the RAZR/Rezound and in addition, they would charge me a $35 activation fee.

    This is why I am planning to call in and order. I supposedly have a 3G to 4G promo noted on my account too. We'll see what happens.
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  19. mthoren68

    mthoren68 Well-Known Member

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  20. TKEnzy

    TKEnzy Well-Known Member

    To those of you saying it's not coming out tomorrow - I'm choosing not to listen to you. I can't have my dreams crushed like that again.

  21. Akariass

    Akariass Lurker

    Actually, you can see that the original screen cover is still on the device; he never took it off. I'm sure the cheap plastic whatever they use for those pull-off tabs are pretty fingerprint-prone.

    Btw, lurker since October's press release, made an account a few days ago, first post.
  22. jokeefe10

    jokeefe10 Well-Known Member

    which store did you call? i work downtown NYC and most down here claim they know nothing.
  23. AZTricky

    AZTricky Lurker

    Hello everyone,

    Been lurking in this thread since the beginning of the month and though I haven't posted I've been through all the same ups and downs as everyone else. I just called 3 corporate stores in Tucson and all of them played the "We don't have them in stock and we don't know anything" card.
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  24. CinLou

    CinLou Well-Known Member

    LOVE IT! I work for labor lawyers who deal with the DOL on a daily basis....and this isn't so far from the truth...you should hear the stories I hear!!!:eek:
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