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If you're using the Optimus as your first Android phone, it can be strange to figure out how to load custom images as wallpaper in the correct size. The phone's screen is 320x480 in portrait mode, but because the image used as wallpaper slides behind the five screens, it needs to be landscape 480x640 to be "native" for the wallpaper display. The Gallery functions can be used to crop a portion of any image for the background, but it will create that same 4x3 landscape format for the purpose. Definitely odd, at first, until you understand what the sizing does.

The option that's out there is a free Market add-on called MultiPicture Live Wallpaper, which allows you to use a single vertical image, or a set of images, as wallpaper.


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Interesting! I do a lot of graphics so this is something I will be looking into, but first, I have to get my messaging working properly! (Still can't receive picture messaging)


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It is 480 high and 640 wide. 640 wide enables wallpaper scroll.

Here are a couple wallpapers I made for mine. I'm using the diamond plate one now!



Lets add some more to this thread for folks to use if they like!


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Here's an old ballpoint drawing of a spacecraft 'dashboard' I doodled years back. A little blurry, but hey, it's just pen.
Seemed appropriate for a first pass at wallpapering my new toy. Maybe someone else will like it.


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No...I mean 480 high by 640 wide. It seems weird until you actually load an image for wallpaper from the Gallery. Then it finally makes sense. Sort of.
It's not weird, it makes perfect sense; but you're listing the dimensions incorrectly, and you're not being consistent.
The phone's screen is 320x480 in portrait mode...
Here you give width x height. This is the accepted standard notation. needs to be landscape 480x640 to be "native" for the wallpaper display.
Here you give height x width. This is incorrect.
...but it will create that same 4x3 landscape format for the purpose.
Here you give width x height again. To avoid confusion, it's best to stick with the standard width x height, instead of switching around how you list dimensions.


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Theoretically, you should be able to make wallpapers even wider if you have multiple home screens?? I haven't tried yet but 480 high x "whatever" wide should work.
Lot of really good ones in the flickr pool - I should make some this size, from some of my stock graphics and abstract backgrounds and then post them up for download... I just might. I love how these sliiiiiiide to the siiiiide :D