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Tips Organizing S Note Notebooks and Evernote

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by wpoveromo, Jan 31, 2014.

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    Nov 15, 2012

    Nov 15, 2012
    So I use my tablet religiously for business meeting notes. I also am an avid Evernote user. I wanted to share how I'm organizing my notes and see if anyone has any other thoughts.

    I create a notebook / folder for each client. So I'll have one for Pepsi, UPS, etc...Once I have that, I do note create new notes instead just continue to add pages to the note inside that folder. I do this so as I continue to take more and more notes, I can easily flip though the pages. I just make sure that when I create a new page for a new meeting, I insert a the page template that has the Date, Agenda, Attendees at top so I can know when it was taken (I actually use handwritten notes but select the Text tool for the date since it pulls up the calendar).

    It's basically one note that I add new pages too for each meeting.

    I do also sometimes use Evernote if I'm in the office, and since I'm not in a meeting and don't have to worry about being in-personal, I'll type my notes directly on my computer / keyboard.

    The issue: I can have notes in both S-note and Evernote.
    Solution: For my S-note, I simply select the pages for that specific meeting and share via Evernote and add to that clients notebook. Even though I can have say 50 pages for a single customer, then 52 if I take 2 new pages for a new meeting, S-note lets me just select those two new pages which is cool. This gives me everything in Evernote; both S-note and typed notes.

    Does this make sense? Any thought thoughts?


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