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Pacemaker phone line adapter

Discussion in 'Android Accessories' started by AxlMyk, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. AxlMyk

    AxlMyk Newbie
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    I have a pacemaker, and use a reader to transmit a report to my health care periodically. The unit plugs into a phone line. I put a hockey puck sized device over the pacemaker, device reads it, and sends the data over the phone line.

    Is there an adapter that will plug into my Samsung GS3 USB that I can use in place of the phone line? It works much like a FAX machine would.

    There is one available through my health provider, but I would rather buy something instead of paying $12/month rent.

  2. awev

    awev Newbie

    I have known about the device you currently use, as my father uses the same thing, and unplugs his cordless phone to use it. you may want to contact the manufacturer of your current device, and ask your health care provider to sent information about the device they have for rent. I would start there and google the manufacturers.

    I am surprised that a cell phone versions is made. Ii have a friend who is hearing impaired and needs a TTY (TeleTYpe) device to read the other person's response. They do make one or two devicethat that plug into the headphone jack, yet not recommend for cell phone use. The concern is that a cell phone is very much like a network in that you have dropped packets, or you receive them out of order.

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