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Pandora Radio: Must-Have App

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by nj73, Jun 13, 2010.

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    Jan 13, 2010

    Jan 13, 2010
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    Pandora Radio is a free application that lets you stream personalized music on your phone. Although you do have to set up an account with an email address, Pandora is a must-have app for any android user.
    To start off, one must enter a song or composer. Pandora will create a "radio" of similar music, based on a number of criteria. One can give each song a thumbs up or thumbs down, which will allow Pandora to further narrow down the radio to songs that one likes.
    The format of the application is very easy to use, with one screen showing a list of all customized "radios" as well as a quick mix station, and another screen showing the current radio. This screen has 5 buttons: the first brings you to the radio selection screen, the second and third are thumbs down/up, the fourth is play/pause, and the fifth is skip. In this free version, only six skips are allowed for each station per hour. However, this can easily be bypassed by switching to a different station, and then switching back again. There is also the option of bookmarking songs or artists, although songs can not be played on demand, "rewinded" or replayed immediately.
    Pandora also displays an information section for each song, giving a short bio for the currently playing song's artist, as well as the reason for playing the current song.
    Although there are occasionally force closes on the Motorola Droid, there seem to be fewer on the HTC Incredible. However, on both phones, the app runs smoothly most of the time. The widget is also useful, allowing the user to thumb up/down, pause/play, or skip the song from the home screen. Overall, Pandora is a very useful, must-have app.


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