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PdaNet free edition: A must have and for less cash than expected!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by gumundermyshoe, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. gumundermyshoe

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    One of the reason's I purchased an android phone was because of it's tethering capabilities. You can use your phones data service as a link to the internet on your computer. I had "Clear" for over a year due to the business I'm in. Clear is a mobile internet service that is spotty at best and seamingly slower than 3G speeds. I was paying over $40 a month for the service and was more than happy to say byebye once I had my Hero and the PdaNet app.

    PdaNet is currently the only available app for this on the android market. Though you can purchase a personal hotspot from most cell phone carriers and the new Evo has one built in that would eliminate the need.

    In the mean time, try this app for free for 14 days. Simply go to their website www.junefabrics.com/android and install version 2.42 onto the computer you plan to tether to. Once installed, open your pdanet app and click enable tethering.

    You will need to go to settings/applications/development and click on USB debugging for the app to work. Once the tethering is enabled click on the cell phone icon in your system tray on the computer and hit connect. Within 3 seconds you will be able to surf.

    After 14 days are up you will have to visit the junefabrics website again and purchase the paid app. They have a special running for June for only $14! They best $14 I've spent in a long time.



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