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Peculiar Occurrence

Discussion in 'Moto 360' started by Tlicious1020, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. Tlicious1020

    Tlicious1020 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I put my watch on the charging stand and when it dimmed the backlight actually turned off. Meaning I didn't get the clock and charging face on the watch. Every night I usually open the wear app and manually turn the charging face off.

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  2. tchen811

    tchen811 Member

    What's your system built version?
  3. Tlicious1020

    Tlicious1020 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    KGW42N. It did that last night. Probably just a glitch or something but I thought it was cool.
  4. Outatime

    Outatime Android Expert

    Yeah seriously. It should be an option to do that all the time! I'm so conscious of the danger of screen burn in I'm doing the work around every time I put it on the charger. I didn't like that sleeper app because it still leaves the backlight on. The work around fully turns it off.

    Eh. That's what we get for buying a 1.0 device...

    I've heard a few rumors that the impending 42R update improves smoothness and performance.
  5. Tlicious1020

    Tlicious1020 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    There is definitely lag but I'm curious as to why they didn't resolve the problem in the testing phase? Everyone knows us hardcore folks look for lag. Guess it hasn't stopped it from flying off the shelf.
  6. Outatime

    Outatime Android Expert

    That's a good question I wish I had an answer for. Especially when you factor in how much time they took getting it ready. You'd think that any lag/battery drain bugs would be WELL worked out by now.
  7. Tlicious1020

    Tlicious1020 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    It sounds like the beta testers are people who work for Motorola. Kind of like how Apple treats their products. People were like as long as it looks good they'll buy it! We will fix the lag later because production has already started.

    Now, I'm curious what an HTC watch would look like based upon how much they made the M7/M8 beautiful and optimized for Android.
  8. superairwolf

    superairwolf Newbie

    I saw a post, probably Reddit, that you can in fact turn off the clock face totally while charging on the dock. You turn ambient mode on and then put the watch on the dock. Then you turn ambient mode off on the wear app on your phone. The clock face while charging is supposed to turn off when you do that. Downside is you have to do this every time you dock your watch just to turn off the clock display while charging.

    Can't test this myself because my 360 is still on its way to me.
  9. atrain311

    atrain311 Android Expert

    This might be off target but to avoid screen burn I don't charge my watch overnight. It has plenty of juice to go 23+ hours, so as soon as I rise for the day I put it on the charger. By the time I'm done with my morning process it's fully charged and ready to roll. Only on the charger for an hour. No burn in at all.
  10. superairwolf

    superairwolf Newbie

    My Moto 360 is still on its way, but this is exactly what I was thinking as well. Just charge it before I leave in the morning since it takes me about an hour to get myself ready anyway.
  11. frodub

    frodub Well-Known Member

    I charge mine overnight, but use the android wear app "trick"...

    1. Open the app, check "screen always on"
    2. Place watch on charger.
    3. Once watch charging screen dims (usually 5 secs or so), uncheck "screen always on" in app.

    The screen should turn off and charge regularly, if not quicker, since the screen will be off
  12. Tlicious1020

    Tlicious1020 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Actually, you don't have to do things in that order if the watch is already on the charging stand....LOL.

    1. If it's on the charging stand already check the "always on" box in the app.
    2. The charging face will illuminate.
    3. Once it dims uncheck the "always on" box in the app and the charging face will turn off.
    Outatime likes this.
  13. atrain311

    atrain311 Android Expert

    My charger seems to have died. I finally plopped my watch on the charger after 36 hours off, it began charging, I left the room, came back and saw a black screen. It will no longer curve for me. I'll have to use my other charger at work tomorrow. Hmmmmmm

    after plugging and unplugging it seems to have come back to lose. Very odd. Would best buy replace the charger only?
  14. Tlicious1020

    Tlicious1020 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Did you try using a different cable? The stand uses a standard micro usb port. You can plug any charging cable into that port unless it's one for an iPhone of course.
    atrain311 likes this.
  15. atrain311

    atrain311 Android Expert

    If it happens again, I will certainly give that a shot, thank you. Just odd that would happen. Perhaps the power strip I have it plugged into is losing it.
  16. atrain311

    atrain311 Android Expert

    Yup. Charger is dead. It died again this morning and nothing is getting it back. Tried another cable and still nothing.

    Interesting thing is my desktop qi charger is not charging my watch to 100%. It is stuck at 95%

    Best buy head no replacements. I would have to return the watch and wait again for one to be ordered.
    So I called Motorola and they are sending out a charger in 3-5 business days.

    Hopefully that's it, but I'm concerned about why my watch won't fully charge now.

    Any advice or insight?
  17. iwoloschin

    iwoloschin Well-Known Member

    Don't worry about reaching a full charge unless you are using the stock charger. Qi chargers aren't quite as simple as plugging a wire into the device and letting the device manage the charging, now there's some smarts in the Qi charger itself. It's entirely possible your Qi charger isn't playing exactly right with the Moto360, so it's having trouble finishing a full charge.
    atrain311 likes this.
  18. Tlicious1020

    Tlicious1020 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    If it were me I would pop the charging stand in my pocket and take it to work or buy another charging stand through Motorola. If you wear tight pants then you got me.

    Sorry your charging stand broke Atrain311. Maybe have Motorola send you an additional charging stand for your troubles and you can use that one at work. Also, ask them which wireless chargers are compatible with their watch.
  19. atrain311

    atrain311 Android Expert

    Motorola said they were already doing me a favor by just sending out a charger. That the norm would be for me to replace both watch and charger and they'd need to have my return in hand before sending the replacement out. I didn't feel like fighting.
    But I can tell you this, if my watch acts wonky I will wait for best buy to get stock in, return my watch and broken charger for a new watch and new charger, therefore leaving me with 2 OEM chargers.
  20. iwoloschin

    iwoloschin Well-Known Member

    No need to get aggressive here. It's Qi, which is a standard, but a lot of the early, or cheap, Qi chargers didn't always follow the standard exactly. Mine charges fine on a Qi charger I happened to have at work, though I haven't had to do more than charge it to 80% for the update. If it didn't work I'd consider buying a new Qi charger to keep at work, for both my phone and watch.
  21. Tlicious1020

    Tlicious1020 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Who is becoming aggressive? I don't know a lot about Motorola but I doubt they checked the compatibility of every charger with their watch. My point is to just get another charging stand for work from Motorola. I'm not keen on Qi but I tell friends and newbies on this forum to go with chargers from the cell phone manufacturer or carrier for home or car use. Yes, they are expensive. But the cheap ones may harm your $250 phone or watch. I'm sure this isn't the case with Atrain.
  22. Avlabiz

    Avlabiz Newbie

    I'm finding that when I put the watch on the charger, the screen always dims and turns off. I no longer see the clock. Anyone else experiencing this? I'm not sure if it was because I installed Delayed Lock. I haven't really paid close attention to this but noticed it when charging at work.
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