Help Phone's touch sensitive screen once again not responding. please read and help.

Ok once again my phone's touch screen is becoming unresponsive. Everything works except for the touch sensitive part. Im getting really tired of this problem. This happened to my first phone and now its happening to this one. Some symptoms I found that were related to my first phone thhat showed that the touch sensitivty might become unresponsive are: 1. Phones ear piece will stop working. Everytime someone calls I have to put them on speaker so I can speak with them because the regular ear piece does not work at all. And 2. The 4 buttons at the bottom of the main screen and the keyboard buttons do not light up anymore. My first phone lasted me about 7 months until this problem happened and this phone only took about 2 months after having it. I dont know what the source of the problem is. All I can say is that my first phone's touch sensitivty became unresponsive after downloading the GO SMS PRO messaging app. I kind of doubt thats the source of the problem but I dont know. Can someone help me if there is someone out there who has had the same problem with the EVO Shift and has found a solution. Im getting tired of this problem. There are times where it does work but those times where it does work are becoming limited. Can someone also direct me to a video where it shows how the touch sensitivty of a phone works and what wires make the magic happen so I could attempt to fiix it myself. I really dont want to go turn in this phone for a new one but I think its inevitable and this phone is bound to fail me. I just hope the same problem doesnt happen again to the next one.


I, too, have had the same exact problems as you describe. First, without any sort of warning (drop, smash, liquid spill) the phone's speaker stop working. I had to answer the phone using the external speaker. Then, about two days later, I updated my phone (firmware, PRC, etc..) after that, my touch screen started not responding.
I did a factory reset and still have nothing. This phone has only been with me for 10 months (bought it new), I cannot afford to spend this kinda of money and have the phone break:mad:.
If anybody can help, I would appreciate it.


Same here with my Evo Shift 4g -- exact same way as LonneWolff, it's as if I wrote the post --- used GoSMS also - problems started after Sprint issued a update -- Sprint could care less and does not want to help, HTC does nothing either -- Sprint and HTC suck and do not stand behind their garbage phones.

My Smart Phone is now a Dumb Phone, what's the point in paying $100/m to have the best phones when they don't even last a year/ Did I say Sprint Sucks!!! Hopefully Google will spider this -- SPRINT SUCKS!!!!