Phonnix BETA

Hello everyone, I'm working on this concept application available at and you can also download the app from here

It's basically an application for Android phones that allows users to access your device remotely and receive SMS and incoming call notifications on a browser much like MightyText does for example.

It's very handy for people that have left the phone somewhere and i's not physically present.

The advantage of Phonnix is that it also allows the user to divert calls to the browser and users can actually answer calls on the browser instead of just notifications. This is done by sending unconditional call forwarding codes to the operator and the VOIP communications are handled by Twilio. By default the application uses standard GSM call forwarding codes (works in most European countries) so you might have to change the settings to depending on your operator (check Call forwarding - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Users can also make calls from the browser with the possibility of using their own number if the number is verified with Twilio

Users can transfer calls manually via settings on the browser or automatically if battery is almost dead by changing the settings on the device.

Here are some of the features you can find:
- Transfer Calls to Browser
- Connect to Facebook Receive SMS and Call Notifications on Facebook
- Synchronize SMS with Evernote
- SMS to Email
- Reply to SMS by Email
- Automatically transfer calls to browser when battery is critically low
- Voicemail
- Activate Call Forwarding via SMS

The LITE version is free and the premium version, which has a client mode optimized to run on tablets, is paid.

Any feedback is highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!