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Phys Keyboard quality degraded?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Santamoose, May 26, 2010.

  1. Santamoose

    Santamoose Member
    Thread Starter

    Wondering if this is a problem other people experience. To me it feels like my buttons have flattened and require me to press harder than I used to to get them to work. I have one of the earlier Droids, probably from a week after it was released.. so I'm not sure!


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  2. SimonSays

    SimonSays Newbie

    Just the other day I had a half-dozen keys stop working altogether:mad:.
  3. nifer

    nifer Well-Known Member

    hmmm... mine seems to be in the same condition as the day i got it back in november
  4. BlueIce5249

    BlueIce5249 Android Expert

    My D-Pad is crap now. I got mine the day after launch. And just the other day the top button to put the screen to sleep kinda jammed itself. Now you have to press a little harder to get it to work.
  5. jmims

    jmims Android Enthusiast

    I had experienced some problems with my space key a month or so ago. I had had the phone since December, and ritually use the keyboard. It got to the point where I could barely put a space in, or when it did it would double space. I eventually called Verizon for a replacement under the manufacturer's warranty.

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