Help Pool + GNEX = Bad :/ Recover Data Help?!?



To make a long story short my phone fell to the deep end of the pool and I didn't realize it until after 5 minutes. It was on when it fell in and obviously isn't turning on now. I've let it dry in the sun (100 degree outside) and i've also put it under a hair dryer for hours and now it's in a bowl of rice.

So far when I put in another battery (that didn't fall in the pool) and press the power button the flashlight on the GNEX flashes but the phone doesn't turn on (at least not the screen nor does it vibrate. When I plug it up via USB my computer doesn't see it.

My question:
If putting it in rice for 24-36 hours doesn't work is there anyway to recover the data on the phone? the GNEX not having removable data is killing me. My phone was unlocked and rooted but running stock JB ROM via Verizon OTA updates at the time it fell in the pool.

Thanks in advance


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If you're hoping for a miracle, leave the phone in uncooked rice for one week. Don't know if anything will save it after that long under water. But it is not impossible - just very unlikely.

As far as data recovery is concerned, it is like with any computer. You can take it in to workshops and they can try to recover it. But it is not guaranteed AND it will be expensive just to try. I know of one example of a laptop being dropped into the bay and it taking about 5 minutes to fish it out. Some of the data on the laptop was considered irreplaceable and some of it was recovered for a price that was multiple the price of the laptop itself.


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3 days in rice... same thing :(.

When I put the battery in and press power the flash on my camera goes off and then nothing. Somehow power is getting into it but then shutting off right away? Perhaps it's a security precaution on the galaxy nexus? Ive never noticed my flashlight flash before it fell in the pool. Anyone else have a similar experience?

Oh another note, if I plug it up to the wall jack and try and turn it on, the flash does not go off when I press power. nothing happens.


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Everytime you put power into your phone you are running the chance of short circuiting the motherboard and the phone would then be 100% history.

At this point you can take it to a shop and have them open it up and look - at a cost. Likely parts were fried by the water or by the chlorine over time.

Sorry this happened to you.


Get some high purity isopropyl alcohol. And let it sit in there. Like dry gas that you put in your fuel tank in the winter, the alcohol with bond to and encapsulate the water molecules, trapping the water per se. Leave it in there for a few hours... It won't hurt the phone.