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Problem maintaining WiFi at home.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pceanadach, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. pceanadach

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    I have a BT Hub6 Router, reputedly the strongest range of any router in the UK. The router sits on a table in the hall which is more or less central in our apartment. I get reasonable reception in the bedroom, the kitchen, even the bathroom. However, the livingroom is indeed problematic. I can sit in the livingroom, less than 3 mtrs away from the router and the WiFi continously drops out. I don't believe the router is at fault because my wife has a Google Pixel and her signal holds strong. Has anyone else found the HT50 WiFi to be weak and is there a way to adjust / strengthen the reception of my HomTom HT50?



  2. lunatic59

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    It looks like your HomTom only supports 5 gHZ WiFi frequencies. I would bet dollars to donuts that your wife's phone is connecting to the 2.4 gHZ bands.
  3. svim

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    OK so this appears to be a situation that's the opposite of your phone having 'weak' pick up of your WiFi network -- you're having issues being close to your router but apparently it's OK the farther you get elsewhere in your home.

    The first thing to try, if you haven't already is power off your BT modem/router box and your phone. Wait a couple of minutes, then restart them both. If your problem still exists, at least now you know it's not just some one-off glitchy thing.

    Also, does your phone have this same problem using WiFi at work or a friend's, or is it just with your home WiFi? If this close-proximity problem occurs everywhere that would indicate an issue with your phone but I'm guessing a problem like this is limited only to your home WiFi network.

    So if restarting your modem/router didn't make any difference, you could try going into your phone's Settings menu and just use the 'Forget' option to clear the WiFi network entry, and then re-enter it again. That only seems to work occasionally though, so if it does that's good but if not, the problem is most likely to be an issue with some configuration setting in your home WiFi network. Even if your wife's connectivity is working fine, something is obviously making your phone's connectivity not so fine.

    Try setting up a new WiFi network on your modem/router. If you were using the WiFi network that's the default set up, create a new one using a different SSID and password.
    With this new WiFi network implemented, do a test by walking around your home to check its coverage, and hopefully it will work when you standing next to your modem/router. You'll need to add this new network to your wife's Pixel of course, and any other WiFi connected gadgets in your home.
    You might also want to installs this WiFiAnalyzer app on your phone, it will allow you to check a lot of aspects to your home WiFi network as far as signal strength.
    Do a quick walk-through in your home, and note any weak and strong spots. Sometimes you can improve the effective coverage range of your home WiFi network but re-positioning the router.

    Also noticed in the BT manual there are references to using WPS as a easy way to add a WiFi network to a device. AVOID IT, and just disable in your modem/router's settings menu. Really, WPS is a documented failure that the router industry continues to push out to the public. It's touted as a convenience measure but it also adds a well-known security hole into your home network.

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