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Problems with HTC ONE X official service

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by excorcist, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. excorcist

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    I would like to share with you my experience with HTC ONE X.

    I've bought it last June through Telenor (mobile provider in Serbia), and a month after yellow dots started appearing on the bottom of the screen. I've took it to the shop where I'd bought it and after two weeks I've got it fixed.

    Than, after a while, screen started flickering, took it again to repair center and they had it fixed.

    Then yellow dots reappeared, took it again to repair center and they had it fixed again.

    Than, in December, I broke my screen and repaired it for 150 euro.

    Then, my phone stared to restart with no apparent reason, and was getting into dead loop of restarts and freezing during boot. Got it to service and waited for more than a month to have it repaired. On service report it was written that PBA was replaced, I think it is motherboard.

    That, two months after that, my WLAN reception got weaker and I could hear electronic sparks from headset in the phone.

    Got it to the repair center and requested to have it replaced, was denied, and had my phone returned to me with fixed WLAN but they claimed that there was no electronic sparks that could be heard or detected.

    I've shown this problem to numerous people and everyone could hear it.

    Took it again to service, requested replacement, waited for three weeks and received phone without any repairs.

    I've also visited unofficial service just to have it checked without opening the phone since it would void my warranty and they informed me that it most likely problem with solder and that mainboard is bad. I've told them that the mainboard was already replaced but they told me that IMEI numbers on contract and in phone are the same and that my mainboard most likely was not replaced at all.

    Is IMEI written on new mainboard from old one?

    Was this a fraud from official htc repair center?

    I'm planning on suing Telenor for selling such a low quality phone but I need info on IMEIs as well

    Thanks in advance.

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