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Problems with internet and notification alerts

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by miss_blossom, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. miss_blossom

    miss_blossom Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Apologies if these topics have already been covered, but I'm having a couple of hitches with my mini pro. Firstly, I find that I'm having to switch the phone off an on once or twice a week, otherwise I don't get audible SMS notifications (the ringtone for calls still sounds). Is this just something I'll have to live with, or is there a way round it?

    More recently, I've been finding the internet won't connect. I assumed it was a network issue, until I found either switching the phone off and on or turning the data traffic option off and then on again would get things going (so I'm guessing it can't be to do with the network?) This is more irritating than the tones problem, as the only reason I bought this type of phone was for internet! If anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate the help as I'm pretty rubbish with technology and am frankly amazed I've figured the phone out as much as I have...

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  2. Tapirboy

    Tapirboy Newbie

    I have the same device but have not encountered your problems.

    Have you ever updated your mini? (Using USB-cable and installing PC-companion)

    However, you could try a different SMS-app, with a bit of luck that would solve your problem.

    Assuming you phone is up to date it should not behave that way, I hardly ever restart my x10 mini pro, only when battery dies on me.
  3. andyheer

    andyheer Newbie

    I had similar internet connection problems when I got my X10MP and getting a replacement sim card solved it.

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