Help Problems with wifi


I got the phone yesterday and waited for my phone to be activated. Bought it from dialaphone. Anyways here is my problem. When I am jsut using my mobile network for the internet the phone is fine. what i mean by this is that i can go on the internet and the google play store and everything loads up and able to download. As soon as i put the wifi on nothing loads up at all. The wifi says i am connected to it. can anybody help me with this issue. thanks


Check six!
As a first step in troubleshooting, please go into Settings/Wi-Fi, select the active connection, and list the info displayed.

Also, what make/model of wireless router are you using?
Your router could be running on the wrong channel. Many smartphones (including xperia z does not support channel 13 WiFi. Your router could be on that channel. Im not a router guy so sorry I can't help you with that. Maybe seek help from a technician?


Check six!
Many smartphones including xperia z does not support channel 13

....unless, like the OP's device, it's sold in the UK where there are 13 channels available. ;)

Besides, the handset would not report as "connected" if an unsupported channel was being used - it wouldn't even see it.