ProClip Car Cradles for the Hero are available


Android Expert
Hey all,

ProClip has released their car cradles for your naked Heroes:

If you're using a case on your Hero you'll have to go with the adjustable mount made for the iPhone originally. You'd never know it's and adjustable as it's virtually the same design but cut in half with locking slider for each side. Pretty slick for an adjustable.

These will attach to dash mounts from all the major companies including ProClip's own (bracketron, pro-fit, panavise and kunda). ProClip probably carries the widest variety of vehicle mounts and they require no drilling, screwing or removal of the dash to install. Great for leased vehicles and the technologically challenged.

Big plus is I can save you some money on them too. ProClip has 10% direct through their site at the moment. I can't directly advertise more than that on ebay where I normally sell. On the forums I frequent I give people 15% off though to help out since their stuff is a bit on the expensive side. Check out their link below, and if you have any questions on their products, let me know.

Retail on the above holders are:
basic tilt swivel mount: $35
adjustable swivel mount: $40
powered mount: $60

Dash mounts for your vehicle are generally $30. And shipping is $8.50. I can't touch the shipping costs, but I can save you 15% off of the products.