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Question about Moto E4 owens Blutooth issue.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by coacharnold, Sep 22, 2019.

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    OK I got a crazy bug happening to me and I can't sort it out. Your litterally my last stop in sorting this.

    So, I'm running Incipient 14.1-20180902 Unofficial-owens on my Moto E-4-plus .. Its been running great.

    A few months ago (July), i got a new car. A 2016 VW Golf with a super cool infotainment system. I paired my phone before leaving the dealer. Phone synced up perfect. Off to the races.

    About 2 weeks ago, I was driving listening to audio vie the phone Bluetooth and I lost my connection. "No big deal, I'll re-pair it when i get home" i said

    I got home, did the re-pair, and saw that I could change my cars's bluetooth ID . I thought I would be cheeky and change the name of the car to "Tim's VW" . no big deal. THUS began my troubles.

    In renaming the car I screwed up the relationships already stored in the car and the phone. I couldn't get the phone to re-pair. It continually came up with a "wrong pass-key" error on the phone. I banged my head on a wall for about an hour - factory - reset the car system which set the name back to the default , my phone immediately paired and all was good... I thought.

    I then discovered that my phone contacts hadn't synced. I jumped into settings and had to "check" the contact box in the blue tooth settings.... ok ... should be good togo? nope! ... no contacts ...

    I have erased and re erased Bluetooth settings, cache etc etc on the phone.. factory wiped the car a couple times. The phone connects to the car fine, even syncs text messages... still no contacts. I took the car into VW, hoping it was a car issue... nope, they were able to connect and sync an iphone and another android...

    So I'm left with the issue being my phone...... I'm lost. Do any of you have any thoughts at all? I'd rather not wipe the phone and start again ... but i'm going nutz


    Lake Hiawatha NJ

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