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Questionable glitching after impact

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SigNu747, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. SigNu747

    SigNu747 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    (8/2) Phone fell from waist getting out of car, landed face flat on asphalt and sent a few cracks across the screen. Seemed fully functional still at time of incident, and for rest of night.

    (8/3) slight drizzle rain, at outdoor (but covered) venue, the 3G would not hold a signal for shit to the point I gave up trying to use the app that needed data. Following this the phone would not send texts. I would type them out, hit send, and nothing would even show up in thread. Still receiving texts no problem, but outgoing contact was limited to phone calls only.

    (8/4) woke up to see phone has system update awaiting my approval (first system update since buying phone Oct '11). I run it, and all connectivity issues were gone. Back to normal operation.

    (8/6) another system update. Thought was odd cause I just had one, and never had before. Regardless, I install it. Phone continued operating as normal

    (8/8) wifi tether intermittent, seemed to stop sending signal when screen locked. Watching indicator on tablet, would go from "no connections available", to "obtaining IP" when prompting to unlock screen (pressing power button to turn screen on, but NOT entering unlock code yet). Only "connected" when screen was unlocked. I adjusted screen lock timeout to accommodate, but there must be gremlins in my circuitry!

    (8/9) another system update, wtf, I install. I got to check version, I'm android version 2.3.4 & kernel version
    I know this is not the latest gingerbread, but what about kernel?

    What does it all mean? Could these glitches be related to its recent visit to the asphalt, or am I just due for a reformat? Or w/e this device's equivalent to a reformat would be?..

    I can deal with a cracked screen, most of my commands are entered with its real keys, or speech input anyways, but if the data processing is not going to work properly, then I want to try just wiping device clean and starting over. Or file insurance claim and get new one. I would prefer to save my $65, maybe buy an upgraded digitizer, and some screen protectors this time lol.

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  2. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Android Expert

    Thats odd, well it obvious that the updates didnt install correctly. Has your not on te latest 2.3.6 FF27.
    Are you rooted or not? And do you have cwm installed?
  3. SigNu747

    SigNu747 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Strange I know, never been an issue til now.

    I am rooted, but what is cwm?
    My not knowing what it is, means I likely do not have it.

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