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Questions from a Beginner in Android!

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by DaYiM, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. DaYiM

    DaYiM Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Two weeks ago i have bought Samsung Galaxy S3,
    & i have these questions, forgive me for these simple
    questions but i really didn't find satisfying answers for these:-

    1. How to UnCheck Samsung KeyBoard:-
    2. How to Edit the Drop-Down Toggles?
    & Disable the Moving Effect when ever i Drop-Down the Notification Center?
    Also is there a way to add Apps to the Notification Center:-
    3. How to Disable Auto-Lock? without even the Screen Dimming!
    4. Is there a way to ByPass the "Accept & Download" step when ever i want to download & update apps?
    5. What is the deference between Google Play & Samsung Apps?
    6. I have Synced my Google Account to my device, but in contact there is groups that in Google+, i have deleted these groups from Google+ & resynced but they still show up in device contacts?
    7. How to remove the sharing icon app in Google Play? ( EX: DropBox )

    Thanks a lot for your Patience with me.

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  2. xxkid123

    xxkid123 Well-Known Member

    1. You can't uncheck default keyboard. If you want to switch keyboards, make sure your other keyboards are checked, and go to anywhere where you can enter text. If you're on any android version before ICS long press on text. Choose input method, then hit the keyboard of your choice. If you're on ics or jb go to notifications, hit input method, choose keyboard.

    3. Go to security, disable screen lock. Dimming happens when you have your screen on for a long time without using it, I don't think you can change that. If you think your screen is randomly dimming, disable auto brightness.

    4. No, sorry. It let's you see what an app can or can't do. It's a safeguard against viruses,

    5. Play store is the official place for apps. Samsung market is the manufacturers place for apps, and it's probably non essential. I don't own a Samsung, so I don't know what's in it. It could be add ons for Samsung's touchwiz, or wallpapers and customization (HTC's hub does that) or it can be a piece of bloatware crap where Samsung advertises random apps for a price in order to get money. ATT does that sometimes. :banghead:

    7. I don't think you can do that either. It's there for you to easily share apps on social networks, or to put it on something that can remind you to download it later, like a task list app.

    2. No idea, every phone is different. Sorry :thinking: maybe someone else can help.

    6. Not completely sure, I don't use Google plus that often. You can go to accounts and sync, your main Gmail account, and see if you can disable Google plus contact syncing.

    Hope this helps. Hopefully auto correct didn't butcher this.
  3. nieltab

    nieltab Android Enthusiast

    1. Xxkid already explained

    2. It is not possible to add apps in the notification bar. It adds skype or other apps for quick acces when they are running in the background, but you cant add them yourself.

    3. Cant help with this

    4. You have to read the acces-part, it shows what the app has acces to and can be very important. You dont want to end up with apps which send notifications all the time or even a virus.

    5. Google play is the place to download apps from 'android', before it was called the android market. Samsung apps is bloatware where they sell ringtones, backgrounds and crappy games. Google play is th plac to be and samsung apps is a waste of time.

    6&7. I cant help with this sorry.
  4. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    1. Already explained.

    2. You can add toggles there using third party app. I use Widgetsoid. But you can't edit the toggles because its OS level coded. Here's how it would look like with Widgetsoid:

    3. Without the screen dimming? On Widgetsoid, put the keep screen awake toggle and use it. The screen won't turn off for a max of 10min. That is maximum time and cannot be altered.

    4. Already explained. That screen would let you know if you are downloading possible malware or not. Wouldn't understand why anyone would want to disable that.

    5. Google Play is the standard app market. The above poster is not saying the truth actually when he says that all that Samsung apps contain is bloatware. Actually you can get Samsung only freebies from there from time to time. I acquired several free apps from them free, legitimately. Dead Space for Android ($5USD) and Beautiful Widgets ($1USD) were available there fore free for a limited time. Its sort of a rotating promo.

    6. Because they are standard Gmail groups. Google+ does not control your contacts, Gmail contacts does. Google+ just lets you connect their social network profiles to the phone.

    7. You can't.
  5. nieltab

    nieltab Android Enthusiast

    Oh I didnt knew they actually had good offers in samsung apps. I had samsung apps on my samsung jet and now on my galaxy. I would have better checked it more often before I mark it as bloatware.

    Edit: I went to check it out and now I see it looks decent. I must have confused it with the app on my older phone. Sorry about that.
  6. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    Samsung Jet was using Bada OS, of course it did not have access to nice Android apps, just the junk from Bada developers. :p
  7. DaYiM

    DaYiM Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thank you a lot for all of your help,
    But i still have some issues:-
    1. i have GO Keyboard as default, So why i can't disable the Samsung KeyBoard?!
    2. Also regarding the contacts groups i have added to them from GMail,
    and they added automatically to my phone but the other groups won't get Deleted?
    3. Is there a way to Delete/Hide the Notification Toggles completely?
    thanks again, And Best REGARDS
  8. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    1. Because its still the stock keyboard and OS level encoded. Its maintained that way so if there is a problem with any third party keyboard, you still have it enabled. Besides, it won't matter if its disabled or not. It won't make any difference.

    2. Some Groups can only be deleted from Gmail. Others are phone level and OS encoded for some reason.

    3, No you can't. The only way would be to remove Android on your phone and reinstall a version without toggles, but that would mean losing a lot of things as well.

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