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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by chris 290, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. chris 290

    chris 290 Android Enthusiast
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    After seeing the ministry of sound radio app on a friends itouch, I tried to hunt one down on the Android market.

    To my surprise it was not there - big gloat from friend with itouch.

    Anyway 3 minutes later I found a way to stream it through the internet browser, link coming below :)

    Ministry of Sound - Live Radio Player

    The reason I want an app like the I products is so I can multitask while listening.

    Hope an Android app does come out eventually.

    Enjoy :)

  2. Gdripper

    Gdripper Lurker

    Hi Chris,
    The Ministry of Sound Radio does exist on Android !!! Here's how I got it ....
    Install the Free app "TuneIn Radio" . You will need to be connected to the internet for it to work - preferably Wifi - as its Audio Streaming.
    Once you open it there's a search bar on the top . Type Ministry of Sound . And you'll get the M of S Radio click the option save to preset ( so you dont need to go through the whole procedure of searching)
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  3. billy1561

    billy1561 Well-Known Member

    that's a useful app cheers.
  4. mosapps

    mosapps Lurker

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