Received JB update today (3/12)


Jun 8, 2010
Orland Park, IL
Got it this morning. Took about 30-40 minutes to completely download and install. So far, so good. Seems snappier.
I didn't receive a notification on my phone but thanks to this thread, I checked for systems updates and it is downloading right now.
Got mine too! I originally received it Christmas Eve but I had to have my phone replaced a few weeks ago. When I received the replacement, it had ICS. I really missed the Google Now.
Got mine downloaded and installed. Only things I see different are the notification font has changed, the icon for the camera app has changed, and the icon for the voicemails has changed.

So what's so special about this update? What am I missing? lol

Ohh I can now uninstall Verizon Apps finally lol. Their app store has been turned off for awhile but I could never uninstall the app until now.
I got the update as well. It didnt pop up a notification message like it did last time. But it was there and I did a factory reset as well. Lets see how this version does.
yeah I need to do a factory rest but will not be able to for another day or so..

Need to have the phone working and don't have time to mess with installing apps again
Weird, I just checked mine and an update was available. I'm already on the leak, and rooted as well. downloading now, apparently, I wasn't knocked off the update path when I took the leaked version. We'll see if it loads...
So, the answer to the question as to whether you can take the upgrade after being on the leak, rooted, safestrap, etc:
I am now on
Yes, the update works
No, I am not rooted currently after the update
Yes, I will be trying to root with razrblade and report back
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Anyone else having problems with the Moto cast app? Everything else is fine after update and I did a factory reset after but moto cast won't go past log on screen then crashes. Any ideas??
It's been changed according to release notes.

Removed Applications
Social Location, MOTOACTV, MOTOPRINT, Alarm and Timer (replaced by Google Clock), Verizon Video on Demand
Removed Widgets
My Gallery, My MOTOCAST, My Music, Picture Slideshow, Social Location, Sticky Note, Weather & World Clock